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80% of the companies that pay ransom will be subject to a second blackmail attack, and 46% of them are from the same hacker From Census

The following is the 80% of the companies that pay ransom will be subject to a second blackmail attack, and 46% of them are from the same hacker From Census recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: network security.

After being attacked by blackmail software, many enterprises choose to pay ransom to hackers because they can’t wait for data recovery and want to recover their business as soon as possible. Does paying ransom mean that they will no longer be blackmail targets of hackers? A new report shows that almost half of the victims will be targeted by the same hacker again.

According to the latest data released by market research firm censuswide, about 80% of organizations that choose to pay ransom will be attacked a second time, and 46% of them are believed to come from the same gang. A company that paid millions of dollars after the blackmail incident was attacked by the same hacker within two weeks after handing over the cryptocurrency.

Even if victims pay ransom to regain access to their encrypted files, problems often arise. 46% of payers found that some data were damaged; 51% of the people get access again, but there is no data loss; Three percent didn’t get their data back at all.

As more and more victims refuse to pay, the average payment for ransom software is falling. It’s not just huge cryptocurrency payments that affect these companies’ bottom line. The reported blackmail software attacks will have a negative impact on the public’s view of the company, and some people question the company’s security behavior. 53% of the survey participants said that their brands had been adversely affected after the blackmail software was disclosed, and 66% said that they had lost revenue due to the attack.

Cyber security ventures: the global loss caused by blackmail software in 2031 is estimated to exceed $265 billion Threat Palo Alto networks: blackmail software reports an average increase of 171% in ransom payments in 2021 mimecast: as many as 61% of companies will be hit by blackmail software in 2020 Trend Micro: the number of cyber attacks on extortion software increased 8 times in 2016 Three times as much as in 2019

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