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About six million British Internet users are using old and insecure routers

The following is the About six million British Internet users are using old and insecure routers recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: network security.

According to consumer protection media, which? He said millions of Britons may be using outdated routers, putting them at risk of being hacked. The consumer watchdog inspected 13 types of customized routers provided to customers by Internet service providers such as EE, sky and virgin media, and found that more than two-thirds of them were defective.

It is estimated that about six million people’s devices have not been updated since 2018 or earlier. Therefore, these devices naturally did not receive the key security updates in the latest firmware.

Laboratory tests found the following problems:

Weak default passwords that can lead to batch intrusions have been found in most router settings.

– lack of router firmware updates, which is important for performance and security.

EE’s brightbox 2 has a network vulnerability that even allows hackers to take full control of the device.

– Sky SR101、Sky SR102、Virgin Media Super Hub、Virgin Media Super Hub 2、TalkTalk HG635、TalkTalk HG523a和TalkTalk HG533都是发现缺乏更新的设备。

If you have one of these routers, the first thing you can do is change the default password. If the system you are using no longer receives updates, you may want to consider upgrading the firmware. If the router has been used for more than five years or more, it is safer to apply for a newer model from the operator.

However, some routers from BT have passed all the security checks, including home hub 3b, 4A and 5b, and plusnet’s hub zero 270n.

Researchers have started contacting these communications companies directly to report errors for repair. Then sky, virgin media and Vodafone are the only companies that have dedicated web pages to address cyber security issues.

Which? It also called on the government to ban manufacturers from encouraging users to set weak passwords that are easy to guess or invade as part of new legislation to crack down on unsafe devices.

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