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As many as 61% of companies will be hit by blackmail software in 2020 From Mimecast

The following is the As many as 61% of companies will be hit by blackmail software in 2020 From Mimecast recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: network security.

The latest E-mail Security Report of mimecast, based on the research of more than 1200 it and network security practitioners, shows that enterprises will face unprecedented network security risks in 2020. The impact of blackmail software was as high as 61%, up 20% from last year’s report, while 79% said their company suffered business interruption, financial loss or other setbacks due to lack of network preparation in 2020.

Companies affected by blackmail software lost an average of six working days of system downtime, and 37% said the downtime lasted for a week or more. More than half (52%) of software blackmail victims paid the threat’s ransom request, but only two-thirds (66%) of them were able to recover their data. The remaining one-third (34%) did not see their data despite paying ransom.

Other findings included that eight out of 10 companies increased their use of e-mail, while 47% of respondents said they saw an increase in e-mail fraud. 71% said they were concerned about the risks of archived conversations in collaboration tools.

40% of respondents said that their organization has deficiencies in one or more key areas of e-mail security, exposing employees to phishing, malware, commercial e-mail leaks and other attacks. In addition, 43% of employees said that their lack of awareness of network security was one of their biggest weaknesses.

More than two-thirds of employees admit to using work equipment for private network activities : SLR camera has become the target of blackmail software attack Interpol: blackmail software is still the biggest threat to network security The number of software network attacks increased by 8 times coveware: Q4 blackmail software costs dropped to 154108usd in 2020, down 34% year on year Kaspersky: the proportion of Android blackmail software rose to 4.63% IBM security: Global blackmail software increased by 600% tripwire in 2016: only 38% of security experts are confident of recovering core data after being damaged by blackmail software enigma software: April 2016 The number of cable software attacks increased 158.87% over March

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