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Enterprises that fail to invest more money in network security will face “massive bankruptcy” From Canalys

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Canalys, an analysis firm, warned that companies that failed to invest more in cybersecurity would face “massive closures.”. Because the researchers found that in the past 12 months, more data has been invaded than in the past 15 years combined. The number of blackmail software attacks is increasing rapidly. In the context of global health incidents, hospitals have become special targets. As social distance and online work gradually become the norm, many enterprises implement business continuity measures at the expense of network security, which further aggravates the network security problem.

Commenting on the new report on cyber security, Matthew ball, chief analyst at canalys, said:

“Network security must become the forefront and center of digital plan, otherwise there will be large-scale extinction of enterprise organizations, which will threaten the economic recovery after the covid-19 pandemic. The failure to pay attention to network security has had a significant impact, leading to the escalation of the current data leakage crisis and the acceleration of blackmail software attacks. “

While canalys said more needs to be done in terms of spending on cyber security, it also said investment in cyber security last year was significantly higher than in other areas of the IT industry. The expenditure on network security increased by 10% to US $53 billion, but it is not the fastest growing area. The areas that perform better than network security are business continuity and labor productivity, of which the growth rate of cloud infrastructure services is 33%, and the growth rate of cloud software is 20%.

From a single company’s point of view, zoom’s remote communication solution has led to a 300% surge in revenue. The performance brought by Microsoft Office 365 office environment has maintained a double-digit growth. In terms of hardware, the shipment of notebook computers has also reached a record high. Logitech’s webcam sales are booming, and even the sales of Wi Fi routers have increased by 40% as people turn to work from home .

Although these things are very important, canalys ultimately hopes that enterprises will increase their spending on network security, because failure to do so may eventually lead to bankruptcy due to high recovery costs.

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