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Only 4% of IOS users in the United States choose to accept ad tracking From Flurry Analytics

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According to an ongoing analysis of Apple’s app tracking transparency (ATT) feature, 96% of users in the United States are opting out of the ad tracking feature launched in April, foreign media Apple insider reported. According to flurry analytics, since the release of IOS 14.5 at the end of last month, Flurry Analytics has been tracking daily opt in and opt out rates. About 4% of daily users in the United States allow apps to access their IDFA tags. The number is based on a sample survey of 2.5 million daily mobile active users.

If other countries are taken into account, the proportion will increase. About 11% of the 5.3 million daily life users in the world choose to accept advertising tracking. The daily ratio is calculated by dividing the number of devices selected to join by the total number of devices selected to join and quit using att.

Interestingly, Flurry’s data shows that people are actively choosing to quit tracking requests. The company found that only 4% of IOS 14.5 users have disabled the “allow app request tracking” option in their settings. Turning off the “allow app to request tracking” option will automatically restrict IDFA’s data access and exclude the application’s permission to request tracking.

Integrated into the latest IOS, iPad OS and tvos revisions, ATT is a new feature that requires developers to ask users before tracking their movements on other applications and networks. Critics say apple touts it as an important user privacy tool, but requiring permission to track ads will make users reluctant to participate, thereby harming companies that rely on advertising revenue.

Apple offers a secure advertising attribution tool as an alternative to the privacy focused industry standard tracking method. These systems, including skadnetwork and privacy click measurement, do not directly identify users, so they can be integrated without explicit user license.

Developers are still adapting to the new guidelines, and a report released shortly after the debut of IOS 14.5 shows that about 10000 apps have created the necessary user request prompts. According to some estimates, the app store has about 2 million apps.

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