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Schools send 8 times more student data to high-risk third parties through Android than IOS From Me2B

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A new study by the me2b alliance proves once again that, at least but at the school level, Android apps share data with high-risk third parties more often than IOS. Android has a bad reputation in mobile operating systems when it comes to picking up user data and sharing it with third parties. Now, the new study includes a random sample of 73 mobile apps used by 38 schools, covering about 500000 people, including students, families, educators and so on.

The purpose of the study is to show how often data is sent to a third party. Surprisingly, Android is at the top of the list for sharing the most data with third parties.

The analysis found that the majority (60%) of school applications send student data to various third parties. Among them are advertising platforms such as Google, to which about half (49%) of apps send student data, as well as Facebook (14%). On average, each application sends data to 10.6 third-party data channels.

This data also makes people realize that compared with IOS system, Android system sends the most data to high-risk third parties, and the situation is worse. 91% of Android apps send data to high-risk third parties, while only 26% of IOS apps; 20% of Android apps send data to very high-risk third parties, while only 2.6% of IOS apps.

All of a sudden, we can see why companies, especially advertisers, hate IOS so much. Because it doesn’t give everyone the freedom to pick up data at will, and apple isn’t keen on it at all. And because of Apple’s new privacy measures in IOS 14.5 and iPad OS 14.5, this difference will obviously become more obvious in the future.

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