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Summary of global DDoS attacks on Q4 in 2020 From Kaspersky

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According to the latest data of Kaspersky laboratory, the countries and regions of DDoS attacks in the fourth quarter of 2020 are the same as before, with China (58.95%), the United States (20.98%) and Hong Kong (3.55%) taking the lead in the number of DDoS attacks.

The ranking of DDoS attack targets is consistent with that of the top three regions in the number of attacks, which are China (44.49%), the United States (23.57%) and Hong Kong (7.20%).

In the “quietest” days, the number of DDoS attacks is no more than once a day.

In terms of DDoS, the most active day of the quarter was December 31, with 1349 attacks recorded.

Thursday was the day with the most DDoS attacks in the fourth quarter, while Sunday was the least.

In the fourth quarter, the share of very short-term attacks (71.63%) and very long-term attacks (0.14%) decreased respectively, while the share of all mid-term attacks increased.

According to the distribution of DDoS attacks by type in the fourth quarter, UDP flooding ranked the second (15.17%), while GRE flooding not mentioned in Kaspersky report became the fourth most common event (0.69%).

Linux botnets account for almost 100% of attacks.

Most botnet C & C servers are located in the United States (36.30%), the Netherlands (19.18%) and Germany (8.22%).

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