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The largest increase in cyber violence against Asian Americans in 2020 From ADL

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Overseas network, March 25 (Xinhua) in addition to the frequent anti Asian hate crimes, hatred against Asian Americans on the Internet is also on the rise. A recent survey by the American anti Defamation League (ADL) found that Asian Americans suffered the largest increase in serious cyber hatred and harassment in 2020 compared with other groups.

According to the US Capitol Hill on the 24th, the US Anti defamation alliance recently launched a new survey of 2251 people from multiple nationalities, with an error of ± 2.1%. According to the survey results, 41% of Americans said they had experienced cyber hatred or harassment, and more than a quarter of respondents said the harassment was related to their race or ethnicity. Among them, the proportion of Asian Americans suffering from cyber hatred and harassment increased the most, and the hatred against African Americans, Jews and other races also increased to varying degrees. According to the analysis of the report, hatred against Asian Americans is largely caused by prejudice and conspiracy theory.

Jonathan Greenblatt, chief executive of the alliance against defamation, said in a statement that the survey showed that Americans from different backgrounds continue to experience intolerable online hatred and harassment, and that the user experience has not been optimized much, despite the insistence of technology companies that they have taken measures to ease hatred on social media. As a result, along with the publication of the investigation results, the anti violence alliance also issued a “repair plan” aimed at “holding the platforms and publishers of cyber hatred and extremism personally responsible.”

From ADL: survey shows that more Americans suffer from online harassment due to race, religion or sexual problems ADL: 2019 online game experience survey report international plan: survey shows that some women stay away from social platforms due to online violence United Nations: survey shows three Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: nearly 30% of young people have experienced internet violence and abuse CSCW: research shows that bad mood is more likely to become a cyber spammer YouGov: the survey shows that the proportion of “cyber mob” in the United States is 28% NSPCC: more than 50% of children have contacted adults and violent content online Pew: 41% of American adults have experienced Internet harassment Nanfang Daily: more than 60% Ipsos: in January 2012, 87% of Internet users in Australia thought that there was cyber violence on social networking sites comScore: the survey showed that 9% of parents in the United States knew that children suffered from cyber violence. The study found that about 67% of malicious Android Software came from Google play store truecaller: from January to October 2020, the number of global harassing phone calls increased by 18%

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