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Transparency report for the second half of 2020 From Discord

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Discord, a rapidly growing social media platform during the covid-19 pandemic, released its transparency report for the second half of 2020 on Monday, during which it cleaned up 2000 + communities promoting extremism and other violent content. Discord pointed out that out of the 2212 disharmonious communities removed, the company was the first to discover about 1500 of them, almost double the number in the first half of 2020.

Proportion of user reports / types (from: discord)

According to reports, Redmond technology giant Microsoft is seeking to buy discord for $10 billion, so the social media website’s platform environment remediation action also coincides with a critical moment.

Execution rate of user reports

In most cases, discord only has small group chat rooms for invitation, and people usually communicate anonymously. When it was founded in 2015, it used to be only a base for game players to communicate.

Number of accounts cleared except spam

However, during the period of covid-19, discord expanded new categories and attracted communities such as book clubs, karaoke and Wall Street trading skills.

Number of clean-up servers with violations

However, with the rapid expansion of user scale, extreme groups and related violent content are also growing significantly. So from July to December 2020, discord cleaned up 334 disharmonious communities related to qanon.

Number of user / server violation warnings

Overall, discord cleaned up nearly 30000 communities on the platform, as well as various types of abuse, especially cyber crime and exploitative content (including pornographic retaliation and explicit pornographic content involving minors).

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