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Annual report on the state of enterprise open source From Red hat

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In 2018, IBM paid $34 billion for RedHat, an enterprise open source software provider. In March 2021, giant blue’s red hat also released its third annual report, enterprise open source status. We can see that in the state of the popularity of covid-19, the cloud infrastructure and enterprise software market are more actively embracing the open source community.

Screenshot of report cover (from RedHat | PDF)

According to the third annual “enterprise open source status” report released by red hat, nearly 70% of it leaders believe that covid-19 has accelerated the industry’s investment in public cloud infrastructure.

Another 90% said their organization was using open source enterprise products. For comparison, the figures in the last two annual reports were 83% and 89% respectively.

“The trend of a lot of data shows that the industry is increasing the adoption and strategic use of open source enterprise products,” Gordon Haff, a red hat technology promoter, told VentureBeat.

Among them, 64% of the respondents used it for the modernization of IT infrastructure (rather than the “pipeline” of infrastructure) during the reporting period, and another 54% / 53% said they used it for application development / digital transformation.

Gordon Haff added: “digital transformation describes an organization’s efforts to actively use innovative technologies to build disruptive changes in viable business models, products, or services. This usually involves the extensive use of data, but the importance of relevant personnel and processes should not be ignored. “.

Last year, the study, conducted with the assistance of illuminas, consulted 1250 it leaders around the world. However, they are not necessarily red hat’s customers, and obviously do not know the actual sponsors behind the scenes.

Respondents are key purchasing decision makers in the organization, covering application development, infrastructure, cloud, storage, middleware, server operating system or virtualization, and the organization they represent has at least 1% Linux Installation.

As the big winner of last year, cloud computing infrastructure plays an important role in it. With the rapid transition of people to remote work, the adoption rate of each quarter shows a sharp upward trend, not to mention the continuous growth of online games, streaming media and other services.

During the global pandemic of cowid-19, many industries were in a continuous downturn. But in the fourth quarter of 2020 alone, cloud infrastructure spending grew by 32%, to $39 billion.

Although it is difficult to have a direct correlation and evaluate the relationship between the pandemic and the use of open source software by enterprises, there are various signs that this trend is increasing, and it is also supported by GitHub and other report data.

It is reported that most modern software relies on open source to some extent, because it can save time and money for enterprises to develop and maintain all components by themselves.

In terms of the adoption of production containers, the financial and telecommunications sector ranks first in all industries. It can be seen that they have made a lot of continuous investment in infrastructure in the past year, even though the development of retail and health care is still relatively difficult.

In a new study on “the value of open source code in the cloud era” commissioned by IBM, of the 3440 respondents, almost all enterprises used open source software in some business operations.

Among them, 70% of the respondents are more inclined to open source software providers and technologies, and 94% of the open source software have advantages over proprietary products.

Although open source software often attracts people’s attention due to security vulnerabilities, for example, Equifax attributed the large-scale security vulnerabilities four years ago to the open source server framework of Apache struts, the fact shows that the open source community is trying to improve the reputation of its software.

87% of the respondents thought that compared with proprietary software, enterprise open source software had the same or higher security. For more details, please go to the official website of RedHat’s new version of enterprise open source software status report.

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