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According to foreign media reports, the new crown pandemic may prompt many people to use their funds more carefully, but KickStarter’s pledge is stronger than ever. Last year, the crowdfunding platform raised a record $730 million through successful activities, including $23.3 million for video games.

ICO partners’ review of KickStarter last year shows that 2020 brought in an overall increase of $115 million over 2019 – the largest year-on-year increase since 2014. Interestingly, the number of funded crowdfunding projects is less than that in 2019, and they only raise more money on average.

The number of projects launched in 2020 is also the lowest since 2011. While the epidemic may be part of the cause, it follows a trend that has existed since 2015. Of the 37581 activities, 18642 achieved the target.

Video game projects performed well on the platform last year. The category raised $23 million, the largest since 2015, with 408 funded activities marking the highest number in six years.

Most games have funding targets of less than $50000, but six have raised more than $500000, including “kindred fates” – the only game made in the United States. The most successful work is the biography of a hundred heroes, which received more than $3 million in funding. Biography of heroes was the most successful video game activity last year, followed by magic 101: Remaking and pioneers: anger of justice, both of which raised more than $2 million.

Desktop games raised a record $236.6 million last year – almost a third of all funding on KickStarter in 2020. The number of funded projects in this category is also the highest (3163).

Games (including desktop and video), design and technology are the most successful categories in 2020.

More reading: KickStarter official: as of October 2013, more than 50000 crowdfunding projects have been completed, with a success rate of 43.88%. KickStarter: the total amount of crowdfunding in 2013 reached 480 million US dollars By may 2013, more than 100000 projects had raised funds on it. KickStarter: in 2014, 1980 games had raised a total amount of US $89.1 million. Tencent: in 2014, crowdfunding at home and abroad has become a hot and cold issue. GPlus: Science and technology trends in 2011 – summary and prospects – Data information chart Yingcan consultation: in the first half of 2015, the total number of crowdfunding platforms in China has reached 211. 2014, global crowdfunding website directory Top, the most successful crowdfunding project of KickStarter platform in KickStarter: in February 2016, there were more than 100000 KickStarter crowdfunding projects, and 9% of them failed to provide returns to project supporters. KickStarter: in 2015, the proportion of crowdfunding projects that failed to fulfill the contract was 9%. KickStarter: since 2009, the amount of crowdfunding on the platform has exceeded US $2 billion. KickStarter: in the past six months of 2012, the number of projects on KickStarter has reached 77000 Ter: in 2012, 2.24 million users participated in at least one project, with a total donation of 319 million US dollars

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