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The following is the More than 50% of Americans are ready to switch to SpaceX Satellite Internet service From recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: network service. A recent survey shows that more than half of Americans are ready to switch to the satellite internet service of SpaceX, an American space exploration technology company. According to the survey, 55% of respondents who do not use satellite Internet said that if the connection speed of Satellite Internet is faster, they will use it permanently, even if its price is higher than that of current Internet service providers.

More than 40% of respondents said they would continue to use the satellite internet service if SpaceX allowed users to pay for the satellite system instead of prepaying $499.

The real difference between SpaceX’s star chain and the existing Internet service providers in the United States is its low latency, which makes the performance of the system closer to that received by wired Internet users.

Earlier, SpaceX said in an invitation to public beta testers that by the summer of 2021, the delay time of the service will be between 16 and 19 milliseconds, but it will not be realized until more satellites are launched, more ground stations are installed and network software is improved.

As early as January 2015, musk announced the satellite internet service project, which is named “star chain”, aiming to provide high-speed Internet access for users all over the world, especially in rural and remote areas.

Since the end of October last year, SpaceX has launched a public beta test of its star Link Internet service in the United States. In mid November last year, the company was approved by the Canadian regulatory authorities to provide satellite Internet services in the country.

Last November, SpaceX’s satellite link broadband service obtained the license to install user terminals in the UK, which opened the door for SpaceX to launch satellite based broadband service in the UK.

Earlier, SpaceX announced that its star link Satellite Internet service was initially priced at $99 a month, and the price of “star link” devices, including terminal receiving devices, tripods and WiFi routers, was $499.

Last December, the Federal Communications Commission announced a $9.2 billion award to companies that provide broadband Internet to rural areas of the United States. Among them, SpaceX is one of the biggest winners.

SpaceX will receive $886 million in subsidies in the next 10 years through its satellite link broadband project to provide satellite link broadband services to 642925 rural families and enterprises in 35 states.

NASA: at least 10.3 million people in the United States watch a picture of SpaceX manned launch online at the same time to understand why the market value of SpaceX “beyond the sky” is only one fifth of Xiaomi’s Universum: according to the survey, Tesla and SpaceX are the most desirable employers of American engineering students. Musk 39 Mars program and SpaceX SpaceX: you’re a legend — infographic: in 2020, the flow of access to pirated websites through Google will drop by a third. Omdia: it is estimated that in 2025, the global Gigabit broadband users will exceed 187 million. China Consumer Association: in 2020, the service satisfaction of 4S stores will rank first among FAW, Toyota and Dongfeng Peugeot. Which country is the cheapest to enjoy Internet services? ——Information graph iprdaliy & incopat: 2020 global wireless communication network technology patent ranking tiobe: November 2020 most popular programming language ranking Python surpasses Java as the second most popular programming language Julia: survey shows that 76% of Julia users take Python as the preferred alternative language China information and Communication Research Institute: in Q2 of 2020, the average data traffic tariff of China Mobile is 4.3 yuan / GB 23.25% year on year

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