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Q1 speed measurement report in 2021 star link broadband performs well in North America market From Speed

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Elon Musk hopes to provide high-quality Internet access services for remote areas around the world through Starlink satellites. For the farmers’ families who have been left behind by digital welfare in recent years, the star chain project, which is still in beta testing stage, has high expectations. In order to evaluate the actual performance of the satellite chain, Speedtest specifically refers to the test data obtained in the United States and Canada in the first quarter of 2021.

(from: Speedtest. Net)

Let’s first look at the speed measurement results of Starlink in the United States: in the first quarter of 2021, its average downlink rate ranges from 40.36 MPs in Columbia County, Oregon, to 93.09 Mbps in sta County, California.

Compared with the services provided by local fixed network broadband operators, Starlink’s actual performance is good and bad. For example, tihama County in California is 545.6% ahead, but it is 67.9% behind Clay County in Missouri.

Then let’s look at the Starlink service quality in Canada: in the first quarter of 2021, the downward performance of Canadian provinces was slightly worse than that of the United States, with Ontario at 53.61 Mbps and Saskatchewan at 80.57 Mbps.

Compared with local fixed broadband operators in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Starlink customers reported an average downlink rate of 59.6% and 38.5% faster, respectively. In Quebec, the downward rate is almost equal to the median (about 3.4% behind).

In B.C., Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick, Starlink’s downlink rate (median) is 20.9%, 24.2%, 29.5% and 40.7% lower than that of local fixed broadband operators, respectively.

After looking at the bandwidth, let’s look at the network delay of Starlink. For Internet users, delay has a crucial impact on their surfing experience.

If the waiting time is too long, the video call may encounter the embarrassment of continuous rush. For players, the high Ping value will also cause a significant drag on the game experience.

Unfortunately, in January 2021, Speedtest only measured better Starlink network delay (17.4%) than fixed network operators in Mariposa County, California.

The delay time of TAs County in Washington state was 31 MS, and that of osego County in Michigan was 88 Ms. As a comparison, the median network delay of other fixed network operators is between 8 ms (Fairfax County, Virginia) and 47 MS (Davis County, Kentucky).

Looking back at Canada, Starlink’s delay performance in the first quarter of 2021 is not ideal, with the median ranging from 34ms (B.C.) to 61ms (Saskatchewan), which is 209.1% to 369.2% higher than other fixed network operators.

Finally, in order to obtain the support from the rural Digital Opportunity Fund (rdof) of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), operators must meet the minimum performance requirements specified by the agency, namely 25 Mbps downlink / 3 Mbps uplink / 100ms delay.

In order to find out whether Starlink is eligible for funding assistance from rdof, Speedtest also analyzed and evaluated the data of users who have run more than two tests in the first quarter of 2021.

The results show that Starlink provides more competitive and even higher quality services in the minimum guarantee areas in both the United States and Canada. Among them, 86.7% of the users in the United States are up to the standard, which is higher than 83.2% of other fixed broadband operators.

Although FCC’s evaluation criteria are not applicable to Canada further north, local Starlink users still get 85.6% compliance rate, which is higher than 77.8% of local fixed network operators.

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