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The number of DNS queries accessing the root server will drop by 41% in 2020

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Thanks to the efforts of the chromium team, the DNS community has gained an important positive factor in 2020 – solving the problem that a large number of DNS queries are sent to the root server, thus greatly improving the acceptance and responsiveness of the root server.

According to the quantitative statistics of VeriSign from August to September last year, the test results of using chrome intranet redirection detection show that 45.8% of the total DNS traffic is to visit the root server. Since then, the chromium team redesigned the code, disabled redirection testing on Android devices, and launched a multi-state DNS interception strategy to support the redirection testing of desktop browsers. This function will be released in mid November 2020, which is suitable for chrome 87 of Android system. After that, the number of DNS queries on the root server will drop rapidly.

The figure below highlights that after the release of chromium 87, the number of queries in the root server system immediately dropped significantly. Before the release of the software, the peak number of queries in the root server system was about 143 billion times a day. Since then, traffic has fallen to about 84 billion queries a day. This means that the total number of queries has been reduced by more than 41%.

The standard document rssac002 of ICANN’s root server system Advisory Committee provides convenience for this kind of extensive root system measurement, which establishes a set of baseline indicators for root server system. These root server indicators can be analyzed, monitored and studied by the public at any time. These indicators represent another milestone that the DNS community can appreciate and continue to support and improve in the future.

ICANN’s “strategy and implementation of root name service” correctly points out that the root server system is currently “facing increasing traffic from legitimate users”, but it is also facing traffic from misconfiguration, abuse and malicious actors, and “the cost of root server system operators using traditional methods to mitigate these attacks is rising”.

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