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The following is the WordPress market share will grow to 39.5% in 2020 From W3techs recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: network service.

WordPress has become the most popular CMS website building program in the world. According to the latest statistics of w3techs, the market share of WordPress has been growing continuously in the past year. According to the w3techs report, the market share of WordPress has increased by 4.1% to 39.5% in the past year, which means that about two fifths of websites on the Internet are created with WordPress.

Although the market share of Shopify is small, it has increased from 1.9% to 3.2% in the past year, ranking second. Joomla’s 2.2%, Drupal’s 1.5% and Wix’s 1.5% rank third.

According to the data, WordPress provided 27.3% support for all websites in early 2017. By April 2019, WordPress has reached its current market share of 33.6%.

WordPress said that the scale of the community is getting larger and larger. It is these community volunteers who make WordPress develop at a high speed and still keep it free.

W3techs: data show that nearly 30% of websites use WordPress w3techs: Top 10 million websites use WordPress WordPress accounts for 1 / 3w3techs: in 2015, the number of WordPress websites in the world accounted for 25% w3techs: WordPress’s global share has reached 25% WordPress’s parent company automatic raised US $50 million WordPress data statistics – information chart WordPress: the 10th anniversary of its launch, 66 million global users WordPress: 15 million logs imported in 30 days Become the most trusted blog platform w3techs: the proportion of websites using flash drops to 4.9% w3techs: the utilization rate of global websites PHP reaches 79% in 2019 w3techs: 34.9% of global top 1000 websites use nginxwordpress: driving the number of global 50 million blogs Tumblr to exceed WordPress.comWordPress10 Annual data review automatic: 19% of the world’s websites use WordPress platform

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