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Disney + US revenue will exceed $4 billion in 2022 From eMarketer

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The following is the Disney + US revenue will exceed $4 billion in 2022 From eMarketer recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: eMarketer, original, Network entertainment, Network video.

With its strong launch in November 2019, Disney + is expected to generate more than $4 billion in US subscription revenue by 2022. In its first full year, Disney + grew rapidly, spurred by on-demand content and home ordering. In fact, the service will help Walt Disney reach Netflix’s market share by 2022.

By the end of this year, Disney + will have $1.94 billion in subscription revenue. With the recently announced price increase of $1 next year, it will add another $1 billion in revenue in each of the next two years. By 2022, the figure will jump to $4.23 billion.

As of this year, Disney + accounted for 26.5% of Disney’s Ott subscription revenue, Hulu accounted for 67.6% and ESPN + accounted for 5.8%.

Disney plus, together with Hulu, which Disney acquired in 2019, will make Disney the second highest subscription revenue streaming company this year. By 2022, its revenue will be equal to that of Netflix, with $12.95 billion for Netflix and $12.36 billion for Disney.

“Popular shows like the Mandalorian, Disney’s huge content library, important releases and massive marketing have driven strong subscriber growth,” said Eric haggstrom, a forecast analyst at emarketer. It is expected to continue to grow its base as content circulation increases and some films are brought directly into the service. “

At the same time, the entire subscription volume of Ott in the United States continues to grow rapidly. Next year, the industry’s total revenue will grow by 29.9% to $38.15 billion, and will grow by another 19.4% in 2022.

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