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In 2020, 3 / 5 of UK households subscribed to streaming media services From Ofcom

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Last year, people across the UK were subject to some form of restriction, of which more than 2000 hours were spent watching TV and online video. Equivalent to an average of 5 hours and 40 minutes per day, 47 minutes more than in 2019.

This change is mainly due to the fact that people spend almost twice as much time watching Netflix, Amazon Prime video and Disney + subscription streaming services (1 hour and 5 minutes a day) as traditional TV.

Streaming media

Subscriptions to UK streaming services increased from 20 million in 2019 to 31 million last year. This means that by September 2020, three out of every five British families have signed up for streaming services, compared with half a year ago.

By April 2021, streaming service providers will provide a total of more than 115000 hours of content to UK audiences. Amazon Prime video has the longest directory, more than 41000 hours, followed by Netflix, about 38000 hours. The total content catalogue of BBC iPlayer, ITV hub and my5 is slightly lower than this, with 37000 hours.

In the first quarter of 2021, 29 of the 30 most watched titles on subscription services came from Netflix.

The ratings of radio and television fell further

In 2020, the average time of watching traditional radio and television every day will be 3 hours and 12 minutes, an increase of 9 minutes over 2019. But the growth was driven entirely by Britons aged 45 and over.

In 2020, younger age groups will continue to reduce their time watching radio and television. For example, Britons aged 16-24 spend only 1 hour and 17 minutes watching radio and television, four minutes less than in 2019.

At the beginning of 2021, live sports, drama and news are still TV programs to attract viewers. So far this year, the most watched programs are the 2020 European Cup finals in England and Italy, BBC One and ITV, with a total UK audience of more than 22 million. Britain and Denmark have the largest single channel audience in the 2020 European Cup semi-final, and ITV has 18.3 million viewers. More reading: Ofcom: 47% of British households subscribed to streaming media services Ofcom: in 2018, the number of streaming media subscriptions in the UK has exceeded that of traditional pay TV Ofcom: nearly half of British households have subscribed to at least one video streaming service Ofcom: August 2018 British communication market report Ofcom: in Q1 2018, the number of Ott subscriptions in the UK exceeded that of pay TV users. Voice group NZ: the study found that streaming media services Business stifles the piracy market Ofcom: broadband and fixed line phones are still the services with the highest number of complaints YouGov: only 17% of American fans watch the live broadcast of the event through video streaming Ofcom: the Internet connection rate of British TV has reached 44%, a record high Ofcom: London mobile broadband report 2016 (with download) Ofcom: survey on adult media use and attitude 2016 (with report) Nielsen: video on demand stimulates viewing potential Ofcom: 2019 advertising technology report: the importance of mobile Ofcom report: the ability to afford communication services

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