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The following is the In 2020, Q4 Netflix’s paid subscription users will increase by 8.51 million to 203.7 million From Netflix recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Network video.

Netflix, the US streaming media giant, released its fourth quarter results after hours on Tuesday. According to the financial report, Netflix’s earnings per share in the fourth quarter were US $1.19, market expectation was US $1.38, compared with us $1.30 in the same period of last year; its revenue was US $6.64 billion, market expectation was US $6.6 billion, compared with us $5.467 billion in the same period of last year; its net profit was US $542 million, market expectation was US $632 million, compared with us $587 million in the same period of last year.

Netflix said that in the fourth quarter, there was a net increase of 8.51 million paid subscribers of streaming media, which is expected to increase by 6.06 million; in the fourth quarter, there were 203.7 million paid subscribers, which is expected to increase by 201.2 million.

The company also expects revenue of $7.13 billion in the first quarter, with market expectations of $7 billion; earnings per share of $2.97, with market expectations of $2.12; and a net increase of 6 million streaming media paying users in the first quarter, with market expectations of $7.45 million. The company expects a full year operating profit margin of 20% in 2021.

Netflix said it plans to achieve cash flow neutrality this year, maintain positive cash flow every year after 2021, and no longer need external financing to fund its operations.

The company also said it would consider share buybacks, the first time since positive cash flow in 2011.

Netflix shares surged 10% after the earnings report. The stock closed up 0.76% at $501.77 on Tuesday.

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