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In March 2020, twitch will watch more than 2 billion hours From StreamElements

The following is the In March 2020, twitch will watch more than 2 billion hours From StreamElements recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: original, Network video.

Analyze partners according to streamelements In March, twitch set a new monthly rating record of 2.06 billion hours.

This figure shows that the annual growth rate of twitch viewing time is 105%.

Facebook game had nearly 400 million hours of ratings that month, up from February.

Grand Theft Auto V was the most watched game of the month with 181 million hours, followed by League of heroes with 143 million hours, fortress night with 107 million hours, call of Duty: war zone with 85 million hours and my world with 82 million hours.

This month, Grand Theft Auto V topped twitch’s most watched games list for the first time, but the company’s data can only be traced back to 2016. Streamelements points out that role playing in the game has stimulated new interest.

Streameelements also found that viewers are becoming more and more interested in watching the sleep show. In March, twitch users spent more than 2 million hours watching live sleeping, most of which were the same anchor. The total number of viewers watching Ludwig sleeping was 1.5 million hours.

“In 1964, Andy Warhol released a controversial film,” sleep, “which clips his wife sleeping for five hours. The most attractive things among fans are the moments when rare things happen, such as a simple change of position. The same charm happens to twitch, whether it’s the rich live sleeping, the winter marathon, or the often overlooked parking sign camera on the street. Because these seemingly ordinary things are being broadcast live, anything can happen at any time. The community came together to support these live broadcasts and celebrate what happened frequently and infrequently in them. “

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