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More than two-thirds of Americans will unsubscribe from streaming because of rising prices From YouGov

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New data from YouGov shows that video streaming services should be wary of pricing to avoid squeezing themselves out of the increasingly saturated streaming industry. Subscription cost is the key factor for people to subscribe or unsubscribe.

According to a recent YouGov poll, more than two-thirds of consumers (67%) said they would consider canceling their current streaming subscription if prices went up.

Accessibility is also very important for video streaming. Nearly two fifths of the respondents (37%) think it is very important to provide streaming services on the platform they choose.

Affordability is still crucial for those who want to subscribe to new services (54%). However, original content also seems to be the key to promoting streaming subscription. American adults are willing to change or subscribe to new TV programs (42%) and movies (34%).

Original content seems to be more important in attracting new subscribers. If suppliers stop producing original TV shows and movies, almost a third of new subscribers (34%) and 16% of existing customers will consider unsubscribing. This shows that high quality original content is very important for seeking new streaming services to enter the industry.

Streaming services should also note the strong interest of subscribers in live news (13%) and sports broadcasting (17%). For many streaming media services, the development of sports live service is a particularly attractive proposal. It is worth noting that Amazon has adopted this strategy, hoping to give its video service an advantage in the competition with Netflix.

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