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Netflix’s US video subscription revenue will exceed $11.7 billion in 2021 From eMarketer

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With more and more viewers leaving the traditional TV packages to choose streaming media services, people are more and more interested in the input of video subscription fees and which companies are benefiting from the changes in consumer viewing mode. In December 2020, emarketer predicted video subscription revenue for the first time. Emarketer defines the video subscription revenue as the revenue of video service usage fee collected regularly. This includes revenue from digital video and pay TV services, excluding advertising and pay per view.

Netflix, Disney and Youtube are the biggest beneficiaries when emarketer divides us Ott subscription revenue by company. In 2021, only one third (30.8%) of Ott subscription revenue in the United States will flow to Netflix. Disney will account for a quarter (25.9%) of Ott subscription revenue, and Youtube will account for 13.2%.

Netflix’s share of total Ott subscription revenue is declining, but this is due to increased competition and growing market, rather than a decline in Netflix’s user base. Netflix has achieved brilliant results in 2020, and the number of users in North America continues to increase, even though the market has become saturated. Emarketer predicts that Netflix’s subscription revenue in the United States will increase from $10.64 billion in 2020 to $11.76 billion in 2021.

In terms of Ott subscription revenue, youtube and Disney, which rank second, charge subscription fees in a variety of ways. Unlike Netflix, youtube and Disney operate a virtual multi-channel video distributor, namely vmvpd (YouTube TV and Hulu + live TV respectively), which is much more expensive than on-demand streaming media such as Netflix. Although the number of users of vmvpd is still very low compared with the most popular streaming media products, the high cost of vmvpd has a great impact on the subscription revenue of these companies.

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