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On the development of community ecology in station B from the perspective of “people and goods yard” From Founder Securities

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At present, station B covers more than 7000 circles, meeting the content consumption needs of Pan entertainment users in different segments, and continuing to attract pan entertainment users. In the future, it will further expand its circle and move towards an all-round cultural community.

The core management met with love and transformed station B from a fan club into a fast-growing content platform company. Since 2019, it has been intensively adjusted, with the key words of “brand breaking circle, user growth and organizational structure optimization”.

Chen Rui, Xu Yi and Li Ni, the “three swordsmen” of station B, together constitute the iron triangle of the core management. On the basis of completing the transformation of the company and the construction of the content ecology, since 2019, centering on the strategic goal of “breaking the circle and growing”, a new user growth Department has been established, and a number of senior management talents have been introduced to supplement the commercialization ability, and many brand marketing activities have been planned, with remarkable results In March, the number of active users exceeded 200 million in a single month, completing the annual target ahead of schedule.

With the content breaking circle, the user portrait of station B has gone through three stages: the second dimension, the Z generation and the pan entertainment, which are constantly superimposed rather than replaced. The user characteristics determine the high user value.

① Second dimension stage: station B was founded in the cultivation period of core second dimension ethnic group, grew up in the outbreak period of Pan second dimension, grasped the vertical advantages, continued to lay out the second dimension field, and provided one-stop service for core users. It is estimated that the number of second dimension users in China will reach 403 million in 2021.

Tiktok: Z generation stage: the B generation Z generation (below 25 years old) accounts for 80% of the total, which is much higher than other video platforms (Kwai 28%, fast 29%, fast speed 25%, Kwai 18%, Iqiyi 28%, Tencent video 31%).

As the first generation of Internet indigenous people in China, generation Z grows with the development of Internet, enjoys positive growth dividend, has strong consumption willingness and ability, and has high demand and participation in online social interaction.

③ Pan entertainment stage: in the era of mobile Internet, the traffic is scattered, the demand for Pan entertainment breaks out, the characteristics of user circle are obvious, the demand for video content is high, and the paying group has strong stickiness.

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