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Only 17% of American fans watch the match live through video stream From YouGov

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The YouGov survey found that Chinese sports audiences are most likely to watch sports events live rather than on TV. In this country with more than 900 million mobile Internet users, people are increasingly watching sports live broadcast through digital means.

In many countries, interest in live sports remains high, even if the desire to participate in live sports is inhibited by the risk of a new crown pandemic. Data show that the Indonesian and Chinese mainland Taiwan region, for example, China’s Internet sports ratings are not far from the mainland. But that doesn’t mean live TV is dying. In every market, live TV is still more popular than online streaming, with the exception of Singapore and Sweden.

Traditional live TV ratings are highest in South America, including Peru (84%), Colombia (81%) and Brazil (78%).

In many European markets, the proportion of consumers watching live sports is relatively low. In the UK, 24% of respondents like sports video streaming. Similar figures are found in Italy (25%), Finland (22%) and Spain (28%). Denmark (20%), Germany (19%) and France (16%) were lower.

The acceptance of live sports programs is similar in North America. Only 17% of American fans watch live sports streaming, as do 23% of Canadians. More than a third of Mexican fans (36%) watch live sports events online.

If we look closely at the United States, we can also see the viewing habits of different fan groups. American boxing fans are most likely to watch sports online (35%), followed by basketball fans (33%), wrestling fans (32%) and tennis fans (32%).

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