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Research shows that viewers prefer Netflix’s original content From Hub

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More and more TV programs and movies are obviously labeled as “original”. The evolution of video brands by hub entertainment research explores how consumers view such content and how the term affects viewing decisions.

Research focus:

1. Just labeling programs or movies as “original” can increase the interest of watching, especially among young consumers.

Among the people aged 16-34, 70% said that the word “original” would make them more interested in watching programs or movies, and 25% of them said that using the word “original” alone would make them “more interested in programs or movies”.

Older consumers are less likely to be attracted by the word “original”, but 53% of viewers over 35 still say that the word “original” has increased their interest.

2. In all traditional TV networks and streaming media services, the audience is most likely to think that Netflix has the best original TV series.

What’s more, Netflix won the race: the proportion of Netflix (29%) was five times higher than that of CBS (6%).

Among 16-34 year olds, the gap between Netflix and the second largest source (Disney + 7%) is larger than that between all viewers.

But even viewers over 35 think Netflix has the best original works (24%), and the number of other original plays is not in double digits.

3. Even if Netflix continues to expand its original content catalog, viewers will not see any signs of quality decline. On the contrary, they are three times more likely to think that Netflix original content is better now than they are to think that they are worse.

Among those familiar with Netflix, 48% thought the service’s original programs and movies were better than in the past.

Only 16% of people think it’s not that good.

The remaining 37% believed that quality did not change over time.

4. For young audiences, the power of Netflix’s original works helps make the service their most indispensable content source so far.

When asked to choose if they can only keep five TV networks or streaming media resources, 44% of 16-34 year olds choose Netflix – nearly 20 points higher than Disney +.

People over 35 are most likely to choose CBS, although Netflix ranks second with NBC and ABC.

5. The announcement of Netflix, HBO Max and Disney + about their exclusive content lineup in 2021 has greatly promoted the registration of each service.

Hub asked consumers who subscribed to each service in December or January about the impact of these content Announcements:

Of those who heard that Netflix publishes a new original movie every week, 88% said it was a reason to sign up, and 59% said it was the main reason for their subscription.

Among those who heard that all Warner’s films in 2021 will be shown on HBO Max on the same day that they will be shown in cinemas, 77% of them called it the reason for subscription, and 48% said it was their main reason.

Of those who heard that Disney + would be the exclusive venue for some new films and series, 68% said it was the reason for registration, and 21% said it was their main reason.

6. Hub saw the appeal of exclusive content when asking people who said they had signed up for a TV service to watch any show or movie.

Netflix is the most representative of the ten films most likely to push subscriptions, but so are Disney + and HBO max.

“So far, Netflix has not only withstood the threat of new entrants in the increasingly fierce streaming media war, but also flourished.” Peter fondulas, the study’s leader and co-author, said, “but Warner media and Disney’s priority of streaming distribution is already reaping rewards and could seriously disrupt television services. It remains to be seen whether this streaming priority strategy will turn HBO Max and Disney + into Netflix’s alternatives, or whether they will continue to be Netflix’s supplements. “

Source: Advanced Television * this article is compiled by the future media network

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