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The following is the The most popular content list of American streaming media platforms in 2020 From Nielsen recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Nielsen, Network video.

According to foreign media reports, it is difficult to compare the real popularity of different streaming media programs and movies because streaming media services only selectively announce the number of viewers and each service uses its own method. As a result, Nielsen, who provides standard ratings for traditional TV, today (January 12, local time) conducted some similar comparisons on CES. It released a list of the most popular streaming media content in 2020, covering Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and Hulu.

But the lists are limited to American audiences.

Unlike Nielsen’s linear ratings, they reflect not only the number of viewers, but also the total number of minutes watched. This is in sharp contrast to Netflix’s ratings. Netflix counts the number of households watching at least two minutes of the program, but does not distinguish between the number of households watching two minutes, two hours and 20 hours.

Nevertheless, Netflix still dominates the TV series list, while Disney + has a good performance on the movie list. Other services did not make it to any of the top 10.

In terms of original dramas, it is a bit surprising that Netflix’s “Ozark” won the big prize, with 30.5 billion minutes of streaming time, followed by “Lucifer” (19 billion minutes) and “the crown” (16.3 billion minutes). Tiger King seems to be one of the most popular classic dramas, ranking fourth with 15.7 billion minutes of traffic – although Nielsen’s statistics show it is at a disadvantage because it has only eight episodes. The Mandalorian, the first non Netflix TV show on the list, has a streaming duration of 14.5 billion minutes.

The number of TV shows purchased is even higher – they were all broadcast on Netflix streaming last year, although the number one “the office” (57.1 billion minutes of streaming) has just moved to peacock. Other top five American shows include Grey’s anatomy (39.4 billion minutes), criminal minds (35.4 billion minutes), NCIS (28.1 billion minutes) and schitt’s Creek (23.8 billion minutes).

In terms of movies, frost II has the longest playing time, which was launched earlier on the Disney + platform, with a playing time of 14.9 billion minutes, followed by Disney + with a playing time of 10.5 billion minutes and secret life of pets 2) Netflix (9.1 billion minutes), Disney + (8.4 billion minutes) and Dr. Seuss’ the Grinch (6.2 billion minutes). This seems to be the advantage of family movies.

In addition to publishing these lists, Nielsen has announced a new product designed to measure the audience size of cinema video on demand, that is, movies released through online rental or purchase. Although the major studios should have obtained the basic purchase data of these films, Nielsen said that it could provide more detailed information for the whole media food chain, such as the user’s age, gender, race and geographical area.

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