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The following is the The number of paying users has exceeded 200 million, the company’s operation is getting better and better, and the stock repurchase will be carried out in the future From Netflix recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Network entertainment, Network video.

The 4q20 financial report released by Netflix has exceeded market expectations in all aspects. In the fourth quarter, the number of users grew well, the number of global paying users exceeded 200 million, and the revenue reached US $6.64 billion. In addition, the company expects that the future profit margin and free cash flow will continue to improve. After the release of this financial report with many positive results, the stock price rose sharply. At present, the market value of Netflix has reached $259 billion.

In the fourth quarter, the revenue increased by 21.5% to US $6.64 billion, the operating profit reached US $954 million, the operating profit margin was 14.4%, and the net profit was US $542 million. The company expects the operating profit margin to maintain growth in the future.

The number of global payment users exceeded 200 million, a year-on-year increase of 21.9%, with a net increase of 8.51 million, better than the company and market expectations. In 2020, there will be a net increase of 37 million paying users, 31% higher than the 28 million in 2019. In 2020, Netflix’s market will become more and more international. 83% of the net increase payment users will come from markets outside North America. The EMEA market will account for 41% of the net increase payment users in the whole year, and APAC will have a net increase of 9.3 million people, contributing to the second largest net increase payment market.

The growth of the company’s paid users and revenue is due to the company’s leading position in content manufacturing. In 2020, the popularity of dramas broadcast on the company’s platform is far ahead of its peers. At present, the content production in most areas of the company has returned to normal, and there will be more high-quality content online in the future.

Thanks to the growth of revenue and profit, the company is expected to achieve continuous positive free cash flow, and no longer need additional loans to support the company’s daily operation. It is expected that the company will carry out stock repurchase in the future. Netflix: 1q20 home isolated users’ entertainment demand increases, net number of paid members increases by 15.77 million Netflix: the growth of paid members in the first half of 2020 is comparable to that in 2019 Netflix: Q3 revenue reaches 5.24 billion US dollars, net profit reaches 670 million, paid users reach 158 million video website Netflix paid users scale exceeds 100 million Netflix: 3q19 financial report teleconference record CEO said it was indeed affected by Netflix:4Q19 this year. It is expected that the new awesome Centris:Netflix will be added to the 7 million quarter of the first quarter. 70% of subscribers watch original content information view: Netflix explore the secrets of Netflix: how video websites make members happy paying Sai: user data of mainstream websites, streaming media services and pay TV in the United States NPD: the survey shows that renting discs and watching movies is still more popular than VOD in the United States. In 2016, the number of effective paying users of online video in China has exceeded 75 million CNNIC: users pay tuition IHS iSuppli: the number of paid video plays in the U.S. will reach 3.4 billion in 2012 21st century business report: the market value of China’s video industry in 2010 will reach 20.128 billion yuan

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