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Tesla’s goal is to deliver 500000 vehicles by 2020, but it is 450 vehicles short of that goal. According to its latest quarterly production and delivery update, the new S & P 500 delivered 499550 vehicles in 2020, up from 367500 a year ago. Meanwhile, Tesla built 180000 cars in the fourth quarter alone, and its production exceeded 500000 for the first time.

The first model 3 was launched in July 2017, and Tesla has delivered only 183000 vehicles in the past five years, which is the number that some of the world’s major automakers can reach in a week. The affordable model 3 is the first Tesla Model to enter the mass market, bringing Tesla closer to its goal of “accelerating sustainable transportation by bringing compelling electric vehicles to the mass market.”.

Although it took nearly three years for the company to fulfill its initial commitment to offer model 3 models at a price as low as $35000, the growth in production since the launch of model 3 in 2017 has been impressive.

Although the pandemic affected supply and production in the United States and abroad, Tesla reiterated its delivery target of 500000 vehicles in October. “While achieving this goal has become more difficult, delivering 500000 cars by 2020 remains our goal,” the company wrote at the time

Tesla: 2q20 earnings teleconference record: Chinese suppliers may be the most competitive suppliers in the world Shares: Tesla accounts for more than 80% of U.S. electric vehicle sales in the first half of 2020 Tesla: 3q20 revenue of $8.771 billion, net profit increased by 131% year on year EVS: in October 2017, the sales volume of Chevrolet electric car bolt in the United States was twice that of Tesla Model S. Guojin Securities: Tesla industry series in-depth report: electric and intelligent flying together Tesla wave (with report) Tesla’s market situation in China, North America and Europe — information chart FactSet: in April 2017, Tesla’s market value reached US $48.7 billion Surpassing Ford to become the second largest U.S. automobile manufacturer Tesla’s interest game behind patent opening? ——Information map

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