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Analysis of new energy vehicles from January to December 2020 From China Automobile Circulation Association

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In the past five years, with the rapid development of China’s urban express logistics industry, the demand for short distance delivery capacity in cities continues to increase greatly, which brings huge market opportunities for electric logistics vehicles with zero emission and suitable for short distance delivery.

From January to December 2020, there will be 74000 new energy vehicles, with a growth rate of 10%. However, in December 2020, the sales volume of new energy special vehicles was 15000 units, with a year-on-year growth rate of – 29%. This is also a factor of high base. Compared with the booming truck market, the trend of new energy special vehicles this year is still out of line with the market.

With the continuous promotion of the blue sky battle, the development of diesel vehicles is facing a huge crisis, and the proportion of new energy vehicles in large and medium-sized cities without purchase restriction is growing rapidly. The right of way is the core of the new energy logistics vehicle. The electric logistics vehicle obtains the advantageous right of way to promote the development of the industry. In terms of the use cost, the new energy vehicle has great advantages in theory. However, the current technology is poor, which is not fully reflected. The main reason is that the products of the logistics vehicle are poor. In the future, only the main traditional manufacturers participate in the improvement.

1. Sales performance of new energy vehicles in 2020

In 2020, the growth trend of special purpose vehicles slows down, but the monthly growth is relatively abnormal. The growth rate of sales in December of 20 years is relatively low, and the trend is relatively flat compared with December of 19 years.

From January to December in the past 20 years, the sales volume has reached 110% of the total sales volume in the past 19 years, reflecting the rapid recovery of the special purpose vehicle market and the stable market trend. In the future, we will see the effect of subsidy operation and other policies.

2. Growth characteristics of special purpose vehicles

The sales volume of special purpose vehicles at the beginning of the year is generally low, but the sales volume in January 2019 is particularly high. Then the performance from May to June was also very strong, and the trend from September to December gradually dropped.

The licensing trend of new energy special vehicles is relatively complex, with a general year-on-year growth in December of 20 years, but the interference of low base factors is relatively large. The growth pressure of special purpose vehicles in the past 19 years has gradually increased, so the low base in December 2020 is strong, and the market uncertainty at the end of the year is large.

3. Special purpose vehicle product features

This year’s demand for non operating vehicles has improved, and the performance pressure of business models is still high. Plug in hybrid vehicle market performance is weak, pure electric is still the development trend.

4. Each city has its own demand characteristics

This year, the trend of special purpose vehicles in all kinds of vehicle markets is relatively low, and there is no obvious bright spot market. In particular, the decline of special purpose vehicles in Shenzhen reflects the unsustainable demand for special purpose vehicles. At present, except for a few representative cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Chengdu, the right of way of pure electric logistics vehicles is not higher than that of fuel vehicles in other places. The right of way opening is still a difficulty in the development of pure electric logistics vehicles. How to make all localities open the right of way to pure electric logistics vehicles is the key point to promote its development. The second is the problem of insufficient charging piles, the target customers have worries about charging; the third is the problem of product quality and safety performance. At present, the quality of pure electric trucks is not up to the standard, and the safety problems (especially the thermal runaway problem of batteries) still make customers feel nervous.

5. Demand characteristics of new energy vehicles

In 2020, the growth of new energy special vehicles is relatively large, mainly due to the rebound of demand in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Guangzhou and other big cities. However, from the performance of enterprises from January to December, Chongqing Ruichi, Dongfeng and other enterprises with channel advantages from traditional manufacturers performed well. New energy logistics vehicles are not only products. There are not too strong main car companies to participate in special purpose vehicles, and non market factors are also important factors to determine the performance of enterprises.

6. Demand characteristics of specific cities

There are a large number of special-purpose vehicle enterprises, and the participation of the main enterprises is not very strong. The brand advantage of special vehicle market is not obvious.

In 2020, there is no special strong manufacturer in the new energy special vehicle market as a whole, and there are not many national advantageous enterprises, which is obviously different from the competition pattern of passenger cars.

Under the current scattered characteristics of new energy electric vehicles, new energy vehicles start fast, grow fast, but lack of development potential problems will be highlighted. China Automobile Circulation Association: analysis of new energy special vehicles in the first half of 2020 China Automobile Circulation Association: 57 new authorized 4S stores for luxury brands in the first quarter of 2020, 41 online 4S stores returned to China Automobile Circulation Association: 18% decrease in automobile consumption and 44% decrease in new energy vehicle production in March 2020; China Automobile Circulation Association: used car market analysis in July 2019; China Automobile Circulation Association: 740000 new energy passenger vehicles from January to October 2020 China Automobile Circulation Association: inventory coefficient of auto dealers in August 2019 is 1.51 China Automobile Circulation Association: analysis of new energy bus in May 2020 China Automobile Circulation Association: analysis of national second-hand car market in August 2019 China Automobile Circulation Association: China used car manager index in September 2019 is 52.6% China Automobile Circulation Association: China automobile insurance company in September 2019 Value rate report China Automobile Circulation Association: 670000 new energy passenger cars produced from January to August 2019, with 4.1 points / set and the integral proportion reaching 24%. China Automobile Circulation Association: analysis of used car market in August 2019

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