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Beijing auto driving road test report in 2020

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Recently, the road test report of Beijing autonomous vehicles (2020) was officially released. The report summarizes the road test of 14 enterprises in Beijing in the past year, and comprehensively introduces the latest progress in the industrialization of automatic driving in Beijing. According to the report, in 2020, the development of Beijing’s intelligent network will make breakthroughs in many fields, such as the mileage of open test roads, the total mileage of automatic driving test conducted by enterprises, the demonstration operation of automatic driving, and completely unmanned driving.

(accumulated mileage since road test in Beijing)

Among them, Beijing has opened a total of 200 automatic driving test roads, 699.58 km, in four districts and counties, and opened two automatic driving test areas, Yizhuang and Haidian, covering an area of about 140 square kilometers. The coverage of automatic driving test roads is leading in the country. Beijing has issued general road test licenses to 87 vehicles of 14 autonomous driving enterprises. Since 2018, the accumulated safe driving mileage of autonomous driving vehicles in Beijing has exceeded 2.2134 million km, with an average of 98000 km per month. The total mileage of road test is leading in the country.

In 2020, Beijing will make breakthroughs in the exploration of automatic driving business models such as manned demonstration operation, unmanned logistics and unmanned distribution. By the end of 2020, 15006 people have called Baidu auto driving taxi through mobile app, and more than 90% of users are willing to continue to use the service in the future.

(Beijing 2020 test license issuance and road test)

Among the numerous test enterprises in Beijing, baidu Apollo, as a representative, has become the enterprise with the largest number of test vehicles and the longest test mileage for the third consecutive year.

Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission: road test mileage of self driving vehicles in Beijing exceeds 150000 km in 2018; price list of electric vehicles purchased by all countries in 2020 Sharing car business may be earlier than automated taxi. DDT: 2020 global auto consumer survey report: KPMG: 2020 autopilot auto maturity index: 3Q20 gross profit margin 14.5% Q4 monthly delivery 5600+ two generation platform NT2 absolute lead Li Bin is confident that the state information center: the proportion of private cars purchased by China’s new energy vehicles in 2016 is only 24%IIHS: the survey shows that the automatic driving vehicle can not make the road completely safe. The prospective industry research institute: it is estimated that the global market of the unmanned car market will reach 7 billion US dollars in 2016: the 1Q20 earnings conference call conference, by implication, suggests that the new car will be released at the end of the year. Weilai China may be listed in China passenger Federation: China’s average daily retail sales of passenger cars in March 2020 decreased by 36% year on year consumer report: Model 3 and model s were selected as the best luxury car in the United States Power: consumers have little confidence in the future of EV and autopilot cars.

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