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December 2020 new energy vehicle industry monthly report From China Automobile Circulation Association

The following is the December 2020 new energy vehicle industry monthly report From China Automobile Circulation Association recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: New energy vehicle industry.

01. Market performance

Overall performance of new energy passenger car market

In December, the sales volume of new energy market was about 229000 vehicles, with a month on month growth of 27.5% and a year-on-year growth of 144.4%; in 2020, the cumulative sales volume was 1.141 million vehicles, with an annual breakthrough of 1 million vehicles for the first time, with a cumulative year-on-year growth of 22.9%;

In December, the sales volume of pure electric vehicles was about 189000, a month on month increase of 25.2%; the sales volume of plug-in hybrid vehicles was about 40000, a month on month increase of 39.2%.

Top 10 cities in new energy passenger vehicle market

In December, the sales volume of the top 10 cities accounted for 46.5%; the sales volume of most cities with licensing restrictions ranked top, with the sales volume of Shanghai exceeding 30000, ranking first, Haikou ranking fifth, and Changsha ranking eighth.

In terms of fuel types, the sales volume of top 10 cities are mostly pure electric; in terms of property ownership, the sales volume is mostly individual users.

02. Market trends

New energy enterprise event: BYD establishes Fudi Industrial Co., Ltd., focusing on the research and development of artificial intelligence

On December 11, BYD established Fudi Industrial Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 500 million yuan, and its legal representative is he long, vice president of BYD group. The new company’s business scope includes goods import and export, technology import and export, battery manufacturing, battery sales, artificial intelligence application software development, etc., and is wholly owned by BYD Co., Ltd.

Major event of new energy enterprises: Ningde times plans to invest 39 billion yuan to build three battery production bases, with an additional capacity of 120-150gwh in 2-4 years

On December 29, Ningde times, a leading lithium battery enterprise, issued three announcements in succession, announcing that it would invest in the expansion of Jiangsu times power and energy storage lithium battery R & D and production project (phase IV), Yibin power battery manufacturing base project and Fuding lithium ion battery production base project, with a total investment of no more than 39 billion yuan, and the sources of funds were all self raised by enterprises.

03. Industry policy

Ministry of industry and information technology: recommended catalogue of the 13th batch of new energy vehicles in 2020

On December 31, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the recommended catalogue of the 13th batch of new energy vehicles in 2020. A total of 175 new energy vehicles were selected, including 141 new energy vehicles meeting the technical requirements of 2020 products, 34 other new energy vehicles and 46 new energy passenger vehicles.

Shanghai / Shenzhen / Wenzhou related policies

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