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Electric vehicles may fall to $5000 per vehicle in the next 10 years From Morgan Stanley

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As the cost of battery manufacturing continues to drop, the price of electric vehicles in the future is expected to come to the current price level of fuel vehicles. At the same time, the price of electric vehicles may be lower because there are no transmission, engine and other major parts. Recently, Morgan Stanley analysts predicted that the price of electric vehicles will continue to decline in the next decade, and its final price may be one tenth of the current price.

“Based on our frequent discussions with OEMs, suppliers and experts in the field of electric vehicles, we would not be surprised if the price of many electric vehicles eventually falls below $5000,” Morgan Stanley analysts led by Adam Jonas said in a report on Monday

In the past 10 years or so, the cost of batteries has become cheaper, the scale of production has been expanding, and the cost of electric vehicles has decreased significantly.

Tesla’s first electric car was the roadster sports car launched in 2008, which started at around $100000. Today, the price of the low configuration version of model 3 is $37490, which is lower than the average price of new cars in the United States.

At present, some ultra-low price electric vehicles are sold outside the United States. For example, Wuling’s Hongguang Mini costs about $4500, while French car maker Citroen’s AMI mini electric car in Europe costs about $6600.

Morgan Stanley expects the price of electric vehicles to continue to fall over the next 10 years, at least, as automakers achieve higher production, simplify production processes and improve car design.

The number of parts needed for electric vehicles could eventually be reduced from about 10000 to 100 or less, they said.

It can be predicted that with the continuous decline of the production cost of electric vehicles, it is an indisputable fact that electric vehicles will replace fuel vehicles in the future. So at this stage, will you consider using electric vehicles instead of fuel vehicles?

Morgan Stanley: the price of electric vehicles may drop to one tenth Ministry of industry and information technology: charging capacity of electric vehicles on highways will increase by nearly 300% year on year during the Spring Festival in 2019 SNE research: the global installed capacity of power batteries in electric vehicles will reach 137gwh in 2020 Zap map: more than 90% of electric vehicle drivers do not want to switch back to gas vehicles EU: 30 million electric vehicles will be on the road by 2030 Ningde era: it is estimated that the sales of electric vehicles in Europe will exceed that of China in 2020 Tesla will produce more than 150000 electric vehicles OC & C strategy in the third quarter of 2020 Consulting: the survey shows that Chinese consumers are much more enthusiastic about electric vehicles than JD Power in Europe and America& The sales volume of electric vehicles in the U.S. has exceeded that of manual transmission vehicles. Autolist: five main reasons why consumers don’t buy electric vehicles

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