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As the current “top stream” of domestic electric vehicles, the market heat of model 3 has been high all the time. Although it has repeatedly cut prices to “cut leeks”, consumers are still very keen on it. It is normal to wait for a car after ordering. A few days ago, according to the data released by the passenger Federation, in December 2020, Tesla China sold a total of 23804 domestic model 3 vehicles, breaking the previous record set in November, with a month on month growth of 10.18%, accounting for more than 11% of China’s new energy vehicle sales.

Although the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, which started to sell at 28800 yuan, was also on fire after its launch because of its incredible low price. In December, it sold 35388 vehicles, crushing Tesla Model 3.

Therefore, it is difficult for model 3 to reach the top of domestic pure electric vehicle sales in the future.

However, compared with the “top three” new domestic car manufacturers, the advantage of model 3 is just “against the sky”, and the sales volume in one month is even the half year sales volume of these car companies.

As a comparison, the annual sales volume of Weilai in 2020 is 43728, while the sales volume of domestic model 3 in December is much more than that of Weilai in half a year. From this point of view, there is still a long way to go for the new car making forces to catch up with Tesla.

Although Li Bin of Weilai said that Weilai’s opponent is not Tesla, and it wants to do BBA in electric vehicles, while Tesla wants to become Volkswagen and Ford of electric vehicles.

But at present, Tesla has more than 200000 model s / x, more than 300000 model y and 700000 or 800000 model s / X.

Even if Weilai doesn’t want to compare with it, Tesla has a competitive advantage over Weilai in terms of price and product positioning.

In addition, in terms of cumulative sales volume, the cumulative sales volume of Tesla’s domestic model 3 this year has also reached 137459, making it the highest sales pure electric vehicle in China.

Now, with the arrival of domestic model y, we just need to wait and see how Tesla’s sales volume will achieve this year.

Model 3 dominates the global new energy vehicle sales list in March 2020. In December 2019, the sales volume of Tesla Model 3 in the Netherlands will reach 11563. Kentekenradar: Tesla Model 3 will become the best-selling model in the Netherlands. EV sales blog: in October 2020, the best-selling electric vehicle in the world will be Tesla model 3. China Automotive Information Network: in May 2020, the registration volume of domestic model 3 will reach 11364 Month on month growth of 173.63% CPCA: sales volume of China’s Tesla Model 3 will decrease by 64% in April 2020 SMMT: in August 2019, Tesla Model 3 will become one of the best-selling models in the UK. In August 2020, Europe’s best-selling electric vehicle is Tesla Model 3. The sales volume of Tesla model 3 electric vehicle dominates the global electric vehicle market in 2018 JPMorgan Chase: it is estimated that the output of Q4 Tesla Model 3 will decrease by 50% in 2017. Ten pictures to understand the opportunities and difficulties of Tesla Model 3. In the first half of 2020, 142300 Tesla Model 3 vehicles will be delivered to become the best-selling electric vehicles. Iseecars: Tesla Model 3 has the highest value preservation rate in the industry and only shrinks by 5.5% in one year. Rai: in October 2019, the market share of Dutch Tesla Model 3 will reach 10% Become the most popular new car

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