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In February 2021, Tesla sold 18318 vehicles, up 470% year on year From Travel Association

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As the current “top stream” of domestic electric vehicles, Tesla’s model popularity is also high in the domestic market. On the new year’s day of this year, the domestic model y was officially put on sale. At the same time, the price of the domestic model y was more than 100000 yuan lower than that of the previous imported version, which also triggered a rush of consumers. Now, with the delivery of model y, Tesla’s sales have reached new heights.

A few days ago, the passenger Federation officially announced that Tesla’s sales volume in February was 18318 vehicles, 470% compared with the same period last year, an increase of 15.47% compared with last month.

What’s more, with its own efforts, Tesla has occupied more than 20% of the domestic pure electric vehicle market. If Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, which costs 28800 yuan, is not born, Tesla will also have a stronger “control panel ability” in the domestic pure electric vehicle market.

Specifically, Tesla’s main selling vehicles in China are model 3 and model y. Among them, the sales volume of model 3 in February was 13688, while the sales volume of model y, which was just launched in early January, was 4630, accounting for 25.2%.

Compared with the overall domestic car market, Tesla’s performance can be said to be unique due to the large-scale delivery of model y.

According to the data released by the passenger Federation, affected by the Spring Festival holiday, the retail volume of passenger car market in February 2021 decreased by 45.5% month on month, and the overall retail volume of new energy vehicles decreased by 37.9% month on month. However, Tesla has become one of the few domestic auto companies whose month on month sales have increased instead of falling.

Among the new forces of car making, in February, Weilai delivered 5578 new cars, Xiaopeng delivered 2223, and ideal delivered 2300, which were significantly higher than last year.

Auto Express technology more reading: China Travel Association: in June 2020, the sales volume of domestic model 3 will reach 14954 Cncda: Tesla is expected to sell 87500 to 94000 vehicles in the United States in the first half of 2020 CAA: Tesla is expected to sell 100000 vehicles in China in 2020 EV sales: model of global new energy vehicle sales in March 2020 3 dominate December 2019 Tesla Model 3 sales in the Netherlands reached 11563 units. Wade Bush Securities: it is estimated that Tesla’s sales in the Chinese market will account for 40% in 2022. Loup ventures: it is estimated that Tesla’s delivery will increase by 40% in 2021. Cain: in 2019, Tesla’s new vehicle registration in China will increase to 43000 units. In 2019, Q4 Tesla’s electric vehicle sales in the United States will plummet by 27%. JC: Tesla’s new energy sales will be the first in May Weilai and other new forces become an important force in the new energy vehicle market

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