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It is estimated that the production cost of electric vehicles will be lower than that of traditional fuel vehicles of the same type in 2027

The following is the It is estimated that the production cost of electric vehicles will be lower than that of traditional fuel vehicles of the same type in 2027 recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: New energy vehicle industry.

At present, there are two main factors restricting the popularity of new energy vehicles. One is the charging speed and range of electric vehicles, and the other is the cost of car purchase. Electric vehicles are more expensive than fuel vehicles at the same level. The main reason is the cost of batteries. However, with the development of battery technology and the decrease of manufacturing cost, the day will come when the price of automobile fuel and electricity is even lower than that of fuel vehicles.

Recently, some media reported that by 2027, the production cost of electric vehicles will be lower than that of traditional fuel vehicles of the same type. By around 2025, sustainable energy vehicles are likely to take the lead in new car sales.

For a long time, the price balance between electric vehicles and fuel vehicles has been regarded as an important milestone. With more and more new car companies and traditional car companies entering the field of pure electric vehicles, the average price of pure electric vehicles is likely to further decline in the next six years.

At present, the average price of medium-sized electric vehicles is 33300 euro (about 259600 RMB), while the average price of fuel vehicles is 18600 euro (about 145000 RMB).

By 2026, the prices of electric vehicles and fuel vehicles are expected to be around 19000 euros (about 148100 yuan). By 2030, the price of tram is expected to be 16300 euro (about 127000 RMB), while the price of internal combustion engine vehicle is expected to be 19900 euro (about 155100 RMB).

In addition, UBS Investment Bank predicts that the production cost of electric vehicles will be the same as that of internal combustion vehicles as early as 2024. “After 2025, people’s reasons for buying fuel vehicles will disappear,” said Tim bush, an analyst at UBS

However, in the Chinese market, because of the global leading new energy vehicle industry, the era of oil and power parity may come earlier.

On this point, Zeng Yuqun, chairman of Ningde times, the absolute leader of the global electric vehicle power battery company, said: comprehensive electrification is accelerating worldwide, one of the important reasons is that the price of oil and electricity is accelerating. By 2025, the initial purchase cost of electric vehicles should be basically equal to that of traditional cars.

University of Exeter: research finds that electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly than gasoline vehicles in most parts of the world Car market share will double J.D. Power: research shows that users who choose electric vehicles will no longer consider buying fuel vehicles SNE research: in 2020, the global installed capacity of power batteries in electric vehicles will reach 137gwh, a year-on-year increase of 17% zap map: over 90% of electric vehicle drivers are unwilling to switch back to fuel vehicles According to the research, electric vehicles may save tens of billions of dollars for the United States every year. Ningde times: it is estimated that the sales volume of electric vehicles in Europe will exceed that of China in 2020. It is estimated that Tesla will produce more than 150000 electric vehicles in the third quarter of 2020. OC & C strategy consulting: the survey shows that the enthusiasm of Chinese consumers for electric vehicles is much higher than that of JD Power & in Europe and America EU: 30 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030

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