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The following is the It is expected that EV will become the mainstream product in the automotive market in 2021 From ABI Research recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: New energy vehicle industry.

According to foreign media reports, the new year is coming, people’s various predictions of the automotive industry have been released. At least one well-known (EV) company will sign the end of its start-up phase of research this year. ABI research released its 2021 trend report on Wednesday, concluding that EV will gradually become the mainstream this year.

Although Tesla is very famous, the cars it produces are obviously unable to complete the task of popularization. Tesla delivered less than 500000 EVs last year, according to the company’s statistics. By contrast, Americans bought more than 3 million pickups in 2019 alone. Despite the success of the automaker, there’s still a long way to go before Tesla becomes a hot topic in people’s garages. The same is true for other automakers who want to sell electric cars in the next few years.

ABI research said that from 2021, EV will begin to gain attraction in the market, mainly driven by more affordable models planned to enter dealers this year. By the end of this century, ev may account for a quarter of all new vehicles. If this trajectory can be realized, it will be a significant change for the whole industry.

But James Hodgson, chief analyst for intelligent mobile and automotive at ABI research, said the automakers could mess up something. EV buyers are usually “first adopters” who are eager to get the latest technology first or they are environmentally conscious. As EV enters the mainstream, automobile manufacturers begin to offer more options. Hodgson pointed out that the more innovative methods these companies will develop will not only let buyers sit in EV, but also show them that EV has the same advantages as or even better than gasoline vehicles in the past. “Smart charging technology, support for fast DC charging for special occasions, and battery management are crucial to support the transition of mainstream consumers from ice to EV,” he added in the paper.

More broadly, however, ABI research believes that the car buying boom of the past decade will not recur until the mid-1920s. Due to the impact of the pandemic, economic conditions and even a shift to a more remote work environment, by 2024, one may see sales stagnate. That’s not to say things are bound to go this way – after all, few people expected a global pandemic this time last year. But although sales may remain tepid, we can still expect to see more EVs appear on the city streets.

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