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Research shows that users who choose electric vehicles will no longer consider buying fuel vehicles From J.D. Power

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In recent years, the development of electric vehicles is rapid, and the situation is more than that of fuel vehicles, and it keeps a double-digit high-speed growth every year. Although the current ownership is far less than that of fuel vehicles, the major car companies have pure electric vehicles as the future development trend. With the rapid development of electric vehicles, the issue of “which is better for electric vehicles or fuel vehicles” is also the focus of the majority of car owners. In this regard, research institutions have conducted a survey.

Recently, J.D. Power released a survey on electric vehicle users in the United States, which shows that the owners who have chosen electric vehicles will not buy gasoline vehicles.

The report points out that although at present, pure electric vehicles are still not mature and there are still many things to be improved, the vast majority of pure electric vehicle owners are still satisfied with the electric vehicles they have chosen. Even these consumers say that they will not consider fuel vehicles if they change cars.

In this survey, J.D. Power analyzed the luxury car market and the mass consumer car market respectively, and investigated from seven dimensions: driving range, driving accuracy, compatibility of public charging points, use cost, driving pleasure, convenience of home charging and vehicle quality reliability.

The results show that the vast majority of electric vehicle owners no longer consider switching back to fuel vehicles, but at the same time, they also said that they will not always be loyal to the brand of the electric vehicle they are buying.

Among them, Tesla takes the lead with absolute advantage, and the performance of Kia Niro electric vehicle is also excellent, becoming the best electric vehicle in the Volkswagen market.

In fact, the reason why the owners of electric vehicles insist on buying back electric vehicles is that the cost of electric vehicles is lower and there are fewer parts that need to be maintained. However, compared with fuel vehicles, the high depreciation and short battery cycle of electric vehicles are also the concerns of electric vehicle consumers.

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