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The market share of electric vehicles in the United States is expected to double in 2021 From IHS Marks

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According to foreign media CNET, the auto industry has experienced a bad year in 2020 in terms of sales volume due to the popularity of new crown. However, electric vehicles are expected to perform well this year, as confirmed by new data from IHS Markit. The forecasting company released data and forecasts on the U.S. electric vehicle sector on Friday, which showed that the U.S. electric vehicle market share set a new record, accounting for 1.8% of new car sales.

In December last year, the proportion of electric vehicles in new car registration rose to 2.8%. Compared with traditional cars, this is still a negligible figure, but the company also revealed this information by the way: the figure of 2.8% is three times that of three years ago. In other words, the number of people who bought electric vehicles in December last year was three times that in December 2017. Part of the reason may be that there are more options on sale, but these figures clearly show that more people are interested in electric cars than ever before.

The really interesting part comes from IHS Markit’s forecast for 2021 and beyond. The company believes that this year we will see electric vehicles take up 3.5% of the market, just double the number in 2020. In fact, it also coincides with the arrival of some of the automakers’ extra electric vehicles at the dealership. The company predicts that electric vehicles will account for 10% of all new car sales by 2025. It’s going to be a huge shift in buying trends. The company believes that consumer acceptance of electric vehicles will continue to grow as more and more companies continue to support the zero emission powertrain movement. For example, we have seen GM take some positive measures.

It’s also good news for automakers that sell electric cars. According to the data, most owners of electric vehicles will buy another one when they are ready to replace their existing ones. Last year, Tesla accounted for 79% of the electric vehicle registration in the United States, which gave other car manufacturers a good opportunity to compete with this electric vehicle manufacturer.

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