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If a country really wants to promote electric vehicles, it’s actually very easy to raise the price of passenger cars. In fact, there is a country that has done so, Norway. As one of the countries in Europe that pay the most attention to the concept of environmental protection, Norway is the seventh largest oil producer in the world and the largest oil producer in Western Europe, but it has the highest oil price in the world.

At present, the price of gasoline in Norway is about 16 yuan / L, the highest in the world. Under the pressure of high oil prices, Norwegians generally choose to buy pure electric vehicles, even in the high latitude cold zone.

Recently, according to the data released by the Norwegian highway Federation (ofv) on Tuesday, the country’s electric vehicle sales accounted for 54.3% of the total market in 2020, making it the first country in the world with more than half of the annual sales of electric vehicles.

In just a decade, the market share of electric vehicles in Norway has risen from a mere 1% to more than half, thanks to high oil prices and subsidies for high purity electric vehicles.

From the specific data, Norway sold a total of 141412 new cars in 2020, of which 76789 are pure electric vehicles.

In terms of brand, Audi e-tron surpassed Tesla to become the sales champion of Norway’s electric vehicles in 2020, and the most popular model 3 in 2019 ranked second.

What is more radical is that in 2025, Norway will ban the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles, which is faster than that of Britain, which has been struggling with whether to ban fuel vehicles in 2035 or 2030.

For the first time, oeyvind Thorsen, chief executive of ofv, said that Norway is on the way to achieve the goal of (banning the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles) in 2025.

It is Norway’s positive and optimistic attitude towards electric vehicles that makes the Norwegian automobile market receive special attention from global new energy automobile manufacturers. Not only Tesla Model 3 landed in Norway, but also BYD Tang and Xiaopeng g3i have reached the Norwegian market.

By 2025, after the complete ban on the sale of fuel vehicles in Norway, what changes will take place in the automotive market pattern of the country? It is worth paying attention to by every country and automotive enterprises.

Ovv: plug in vehicles account for 56% of new vehicle sales in Norway in 2019 Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association: more than 100000 electric vehicles in Norway in 2016, accounting for 10% of the world ABI research: EV is expected to become the mainstream product in the automotive market in 2021 consumer report: Model 3 and model S selected as the best luxury car in the United States consumer report: 60% of American car owners support electric vehicle incentives to reduce the purchase price Surpassing Honda BYD: BYD’s sales of new energy vehicles in September 2020 increased by 45.32% year on year to 19881 A sharp increase of 260.3% on a year-on-year basis, taycan becomes the best-selling non SUV model of the Porsche brand. Consumer report of the United States: the maintenance and repair cost of fuel vehicles is twice that of electric vehicles. In August 2020, the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe is Tesla Model 3. In August 2020, the best-selling electric vehicle in Germany is Tesla Model 3

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