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Us eVx report in 2020 Tesla and Kia lead the market From JD Power

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According to foreign media reports, JD Power released its first “eVx owner report” on Thursday local time, in which Tesla’s absolute position in the field of high-end electric vehicles is the most eye-catching. It is understood that Tesla scored the highest in this study, although it is fair to point out that only a few 2021 cars were involved in this study.

There are not many choices for electric vehicles in the United States. JD Power divides the research into two parts: high-end market and mass market. Even so, Tesla Model s still got the highest customer score for car owners, 738 (out of 1000). Fewer than 10000 car owners responded, including 2015-2021 pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

The U.S. electric vehicle manufacturer actually ranked in the top three, with model 3 (790 points) ranking third behind model s and model y (780 points). Audi e-tron ranked fourth with 686 points and Jaguar i-pace ranked fifth with 669 points.

Although Tesla did have quality problems in this first study, the brand shows a crazy example of how tolerant Tesla owners are when they ignore the quality and reliability of the experience. Despite some problems, its owners are generally very satisfied.

In the mass market, Kia Niro EV ranked first with 782 points, followed by Chevrolet bolt ev (745 points), Hyundai Kona ev (743 points), Nissan LEAF (712 points) and Volkswagen e-Golf (696 points). This time next year, that segment will heat up as automakers launch another batch of cheaper electric cars for American consumers.

Although this is a time for Tesla and Kia to celebrate, the research also brings a positive signal to any car manufacturer engaged in electric vehicle sales: the vast majority of electric vehicle owners want to buy another one. Specifically, 82% of the respondents said they would “definitely” consider buying another electric car in the future, which is a fairly high retention rate.

What’s interesting is brand loyalty. We know that mileage is a decisive factor in consumers’ experience of purchasing electric vehicles, and car owners will observe how the mileage estimated by EPA reflects their actual driving situation. As the overall ownership experience satisfaction score of a particular brand declined in the study, electric vehicle owners indicated that they might buy another brand rather than stick to the existing brand. It’s clear that automakers can’t screw up their first electric car, because it could have some long-term impact and give stable customers to competitors.

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