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In May 2021, the sales volume of new energy vehicles was 1.626 million, a year-on-year increase of 1.1% From Travel Association

The following is the In May 2021, the sales volume of new energy vehicles was 1.626 million, a year-on-year increase of 1.1% From Travel Association recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: new energy, New energy vehicle industry.

A few days ago, the passenger Federation released news that in May, the domestic narrow sense passenger car market sales reached 1.626 million, a year-on-year growth of 1.1%, and a month on month growth of 1.2%; From January to may, the cumulative sales volume was 8.366 million, up 38.2% year on year. In the new energy sector, the wholesale sales of new energy passenger cars reached 196000, with a month on month growth of 6.7% and a year-on-year growth of 174.2%, showing a good trend of strong growth.

In May, the new energy passenger car market was diversified, the new energy performance of large groups was differentiated, and SAIC and GAC were relatively strong. The wholesale sales of 33463 Tesla China vehicles, 32131 BYD vehicles, 27757 SAIC GM Wuling vehicles and 11049 SAIC passenger vehicles exceeded 10000 vehicles.

In terms of specific ranking, Hongguang Mini EV, which has been sold since 28800, still dominates the list of “Fengshen”. In May, it sold 29706 vehicles, which is more than the cumulative sales of Tesla Model 3 and model y.

Second was Tesla Model y, which sold 12728 vehicles in May. Model 3 ranked third, with 9208 vehicles sold, and modely’s sales began to surpass model 3, reflecting the trend that consumers prefer Tesla SUVs. At the same time, compared with April, Tesla’s sales increased by nearly 100%.

To many people’s surprise, another “black horse” has emerged in the new energy vehicle market. The sales volume of Changan Benben EV suddenly broke out. In May, it sold 8370 vehicles, up 355.4% compared with last year, and jumped to the fourth place in the domestic new energy sales list.

Due to the production capacity problem, the delivery volume of BYD’s Qin plus DM-I model was 5542 in May and that of Qin plus EV was 3263. At present, the average waiting time of BYD’s DM-I model has come to about 3.5 months. Later, with the improvement of blade battery capacity, the sales will also increase.

Among the new forces, ideal one ranked first with 4323 vehicles, and ranked ninth in the sales list of domestic new energy vehicles. Xiaopeng P7 followed closely, ranking 10th, with a sales volume of 3797 vehicles. Weilai ES6 is 3017, ranking 15th.

From fast technology to read more: Passenger Federation: in April 2020, the sales volume of new energy narrow sense passenger cars was 60000, a year-on-year decrease of 29.9%. China Automobile Association: in 2020, the sales volume of Q1 new energy vehicles dropped by more than 50%. Passenger Federation: in April 2021, the retail sales volume of new energy passenger cars in China reached 163000, a year-on-year increase of 192.8%. Passenger Federation: Top 10 sales volume of new energy vehicles in 2019. Passenger Federation: in November 2020, China new energy vehicles Sales volume model 3: 21000 new energy vehicles: China’s new energy vehicle sales volume surpassed by the United States from January to February 2017: new energy sales list of Wuling Mini EV in August 2020: Ministry of industry and information technology of Wuling: China’s new energy vehicle production and sales volume reaches 5.5 million, ranking first in the world for six consecutive years evtank: it is estimated that the global new energy vehicle sales volume will reach 12 million in 2025, accounting for 45.8% EV sales: European new energy in April 2021 Tesla falls out of the top 20 evsales: May 2020 global list of new energy vehicles model 3 sales 20000 2021 Q1 global list of new energy vehicles Tesla Model 3 Fengshen 2018 China’s new energy vehicle sales reach 1.25 million, accounting for half of the global sales Average daily retail sales of passenger cars decreased by 36% year on year

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