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It is estimated that the global EV battery market will reach US $67 billion in 2025

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According to foreign media reports, a market research organization released a report that the global electric vehicles are expected to grow from US $27.3 billion in 2021 to US $67.2 billion in 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 25.3%. At present, a few enterprises dominate the global electric vehicle battery market, including Ningde times (China), Panasonic (Japan), BYD (China), LG Chemical (Korea), GS Yuasa (Japan), Samsung SDI (Korea) and Toshiba (Japan).

Global electric vehicle market

The main factors to promote the development of electric vehicle battery market are the improvement of battery technology, government policy and regulatory support, and the release of new plug-in hybrid vehicles.

It is worth noting that battery manufacturers have provided innovative solutions in terms of battery design and composition. In order to reduce the size of the battery, electric vehicle battery manufacturers take this as the research and development focus. For example, Samsung SDI has made a large-scale transformation of the positive and negative separator of the battery to reduce the size of the battery. In addition to reducing the size of the battery, manufacturers also try to use different raw materials to improve battery performance. Many companies, including Toshiba, have used lithium titanate and graphite as anode and cathode materials for batteries. The change of raw materials can improve the safety and service life of the battery. In addition, the installation position of the battery in the vehicle has also been adjusted.

According to reports, the original intention of commercialization of electric vehicles is to reduce the emissions of traditional fossil fuel vehicles. Under the background of using more and more pure electric vehicles to replace traditional internal combustion vehicles, the battery driven vehicle market is expected to grow geometrically, creating a lot of business opportunities for battery manufacturers.

National Energy Administration: wind power grid operation in the first half of 2019 12 Chinese entrepreneurs China Auto Association: Tesla’s localization has a great impact on Chinese brand cars Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission: more than 70000 new energy vehicles will be registered in 2018 Shanghai Ministry of industry and information technology: it is estimated that the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China will increase by 100% in 2019 driving electric: 1 / 3 of the potential buyers of electric vehicles, and the minimum expected mileage is 483km ren21:2019 Global Renewable Energy Research Report SNE research: in 2020, the global installed capacity of power battery in electric vehicles will reach 137gwh, with a year-on-year growth of 17%. Kama: in 2019, the sales volume of Hyundai fuel cell vehicles may reach 3666, surpassing Toyota to become the world’s first passenger Federation: in June 2020, the sales volume of domestic model 3 will reach 14954 National Energy Administration: as of June 2020, China has 558000 public charging piles, ranking first in the world; China new energy vehicle sales top 10 in 2019; Wuling Mini EV becomes black horse in August 2020; sales of new energy vehicles in European countries exceed 99500 in July 2020, with a year-on-year growth of 214%

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