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99.992% of the patients who were fully vaccinated with new crown vaccine were not infected with covid-19 From American CDC

The following is the 99.992% of the patients who were fully vaccinated with new crown vaccine were not infected with covid-19 From American CDC recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: novel coronavirus.

According to a new data analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cases of covid-19 are extremely rare among fully vaccinated people. Of the more than 75 million fully vaccinated people in the United States, only about 5800 reported a “breakthrough” infection, that is, they were infected with the new coronavirus even though they were fully vaccinated.

These figures show that the incidence of “breakthrough infection cases” in the fully vaccinated population is less than 0.008%, and more than 99.992% of the vaccinated people are not infected with sars-cov-2.

The numbers come from databases across the United States. The CDC has established a database to track breakthrough infections and monitors for any relevant indications that breakthrough infections may be clustered by patient demographics, geographic location, vaccination, vaccine type or vaccine batch number. The agency will also pay close attention to any breakthrough infection caused by sars-cov-2 variants, some of which have been shown to repel the efficacy of the vaccine.

According to the CDC’s analysis, so far, the vaccine appears to be very effective and working as expected. The vast majority of people in the United States have been vaccinated with mRNA vaccines (one of which is produced by Moderna and Pfizer biontech). The efficacy of these two vaccines in phase III clinical trials is about 95%. In the United States, less than 5% of vaccinators have been vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson’s adenovirus vaccine, which is slightly less effective (72%).

“The covid-19 vaccine is effective and a key tool for controlling the epidemic,” the agency said in an email“ So far, no unexpected patterns have been found in case demographics or vaccine characteristics. “

Many breakthroughs have taken place in the elderly, who are known to be more vulnerable to covid-19. More than 40% of people who are fully vaccinated are people aged 60 and over. However, the agency points out that breakthrough infections are scattered in each age group currently eligible for vaccination.

“We see (breakthroughs) in all vaccines,” top infectious disease expert Anthony fudge said at a news conference earlier this week No vaccine is 100% effective or effective, which means that no matter how effective your vaccine is, you will always see breakthrough infections. “

Fudge explained that the vaccine may fail in some people because of a variety of factors, including immune status, health status, age and the drugs they take. There may also be problems with the vaccine itself, such as improper storage, delivery or ingredients.

“However,” fudge added, “even if the vaccine doesn’t prevent infection, it often prevents serious diseases.” He highlighted the case of flu vaccine in 2019-2020, which is only about 39% effective. Nevertheless, and only about 52% of people have been vaccinated, it is estimated that the vaccine can prevent 105000 influenza hospitalizations and 6300 influenza deaths.

In CDC data on breakthrough covid-19 infections, the agency found that 29% of infections were asymptomatic. Only 7% of the 5800 breakthrough infections resulted in hospitalization and only 74 deaths. This shows that the mortality rate of breakthrough infection cases is about 1%, and that of all fully vaccinated people is about 0.0001%.

Although the risk is small, there are still risks. The CDC stressed that everyone should be vaccinated when it’s their turn. Once vaccinated, they should continue to follow current health precautions, such as “wear masks, keep at least 6 feet away from others, avoid crowds and poorly ventilated spaces, and wash hands frequently.”.

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