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Gisaid platform global new crown genome sequencing data has broken the million mark

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As a popular online data sharing platform, gisaid brings together the efforts of many scientific research teams around the world to trace the origin of covid-19. The latest news is that it has obtained more than 1.2 million sets of sars-cov-2 gene sequences from 172 countries and regions around the world. Nature pointed out that these data are crucial for scientists to trace the origin of the new coronavirus, the epidemiological study of the outbreak of covid-19, and the global spread of related mutant strains.

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Sebastian Maurer Stroh of Singapore, scientific advisor to the global avian influenza data sharing Initiative (gisaid), a non-profit organization, said:

According to the latest data submitted from all over the world, we can build a monitoring system to trace how the new coronavirus spreads around the world, so as to know whether the relevant epidemic prevention measures and vaccines are still effective.

As early as 2006, the scientific community has put forward the gisaid initiative. At the beginning, many local governments did not choose to share the genome information of avian influenza with the outside world for various reasons (such as simple interest considerations).

It wasn’t until two years later that the gisaid project was officially launched, as the government and scientists completed tough data sharing agreement negotiations.

Although gisaid is not the only database used for genome sequence sharing, it still played an important role in the period of covid-19 pandemic.

By the end of last week, more than a million copies of the sars-cov-2 genome had been shared on gisaid.

Maruer Stroh pointed out that when covid-19 began to spread, gisaid team immediately contacted researchers and relevant departments around the world to remove the obstacles related to the acquisition and sharing of sars-cov-2 genome data.

Later, when researchers in West Africa told them they lacked training in biological information, a gisaid scientist from Senegal helped.

Supported by high-quality data, by comparing the relationship between local epidemic strains and other local sars-cov-2, we can find out which new strains are available in time.

A large number of new crown genome sequences have been uploaded in some developed countries / regions, and occupy a considerable share in the database. By April 20, the United States and the United Kingdom had contributed 303359 / 379510 sequences, respectively.

Even so, gisaid’s database is far from perfect. Tanzania, for example, has been denying the popularity of new crown (sharing any sequence for uploading).

In addition, the detection capabilities of several major outbreak countries, such as El Salvador (678541 cases / upload only 6 sequences) and Lebanon (513006 cases / upload only 49 sequences).

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