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India’s national test positive rate reached 21% in the past two weeks

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New novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in India have been confirmed in more than 414 thousand cases in the past 24 hours, and once again reached the new high level in India and the global level since the outbreak. It is also the third time since May that the number of new cases in a single day in India has exceeded 400000. India’s epidemic is continuing to ferment, according to a survey, in the past two weeks, India’s national test positive rate reached 21%.

This means that one out of every five people who go for a new coronavirus test is diagnosed. In the southern Indian state of Goa, the figure is 41%, which means that two out of every five people tested are diagnosed locally.

According to CCTV news reports, the surge in cases has also led to the local medical system barely operating under high pressure. Local media described that in some hospitals in Uttar Pradesh, nurses worked as doctors, nursing workers worked as nurses, and patients’ families worked as nursing workers.

In addition, due to the increase in the proportion of patients with dyspnea and severe illness in the new round of epidemic situation, the local people are also in a panic. In order to “take preventive measures”, many people begin to purchase household oxygen generators. Some rich people even built intensive care units at home. At present, the prices of related medical materials are rising rapidly, so it is very difficult to buy them.

At present, more and more places in India have joined the ranks of “curfew”. Since the implementation of restrictive measures at the end of March, Mumbai has achieved initial results. From the data, the number of new cases per day in Mumbai has dropped from more than 10000 in early April to more than 3000 at present. It is hoped that the turning point of the epidemic in India will appear as soon as possible after the general restrictive measures are taken.

It is worth mentioning that the WHO Regional Office for Africa held a video press conference in Brazzaville, the capital of Congo (Brazzaville). According to the contents of the press conference, due to the delayed delivery of new crown vaccine orders made in India and the introduction of Indian mutant strains into some African countries, the anti epidemic situation in the African continent is suddenly grim.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is diagnosed in nearly 4 million 600 thousand cases in Africa, and 123 thousand cases of cumulative deaths are reported by Machidiso Muti, director of Africa regional affairs. The number of newly diagnosed cases in South Africa is more than 2000 on the 5 day, and the epidemic curve in other 10 African countries is also on the rise. The critical care capacity in Botswana and Ethiopia is near the limit.

As southern Africa is about to enter winter, the number of confirmed cases is likely to surge in some areas, and the spread of new variant strains also puts the continent at risk of a third wave of rebound, moody said.

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