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One in five Americans are still resistant to the new vaccine, according to the survey From Monmouth University

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A recent poll shows that most Americans are satisfied with President Jo Biden’s work, especially his response to COVID-19. Still, one in five people firmly refuse to be vaccinated. According to a University of Monmouth poll released on Wednesday, Biden’s overall satisfaction has risen to 54% from 51% a month ago. 62% of the respondents thought that he had done a good job in dealing with the epidemic.

However, 21% of respondents said they would never get vaccinated to avoid infection if it could be avoided. This proportion is almost the same as the survey results in January and March.

The poll, with an error rate of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points, was conducted from April 8 to 12, ahead of the news on Tuesday that six women in the United States had severe thrombotic symptoms a few days after the injection and were suspended from receiving the J & J vaccine.

Nearly half (46%) of Americans believe the country is moving in the right direction. In a Monmouth poll, the number is the highest in eight years. In the previous two administrations, 18% to 40% of Americans were satisfied with the direction of the country’s development. Still, 50% of people think the United States is on the wrong path.

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