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For users of Apple devices, apple music is a music listening software that most people will choose. As 2020 is coming to an end, Apple has also made a list. Now, Apple Music has released the list of the hottest TOP 100 in mainland China. From the list, Apple users still love Jay Chou songs. At least 8 of the top ten are JAY, while the top three in the list are sunny days, seven Li Xiang and North all the way.

In the top 10, there are also songs by two singers, Taylor Swift’s “love” and Deng Ziqi’s “full stop”.

According to the list, the top song in 2020 was won by Roddy ricch’s the box, which was played 13.7 million times worldwide in its first week. The weeknd’s blinding lights came in second, followed by dance monkey from tones and I and Rockstar from dababy.

The No. 1 album is also from Roddy ricch – “please excuse me for being anti – scientific” and lil baby’s “my turn”. Pop smoke’s shoot for the stars aim for the moon came in third, lil Uzi vert’s Luv vs. world 2 ranked fourth, and summer Walker’s album over it came in fifth.

Apple: Top 100 most popular songs of Apple Music in 2020 Apple: in June 2017, the number of paid users of Apple Music exceeded 27 million. Wall Street Journal: the number of Apple Music users in the United States has exceeded spotify, and the number of subscribers to Apple Music in the United States has exceeded spotify apple: in June 2019, Apple Music paid subscribers exceeded 60 million counterpoint Research: Q1 Apple Music accounts for 25% of music streaming media revenue in 2020 verto: in February 2017, the number of independent mobile users of Apple music reached 40.7 million, more than spotifmusicwatch: 48% of registered Apple Music users in the United States have abandoned the service hits daily double Music paid subscribers have exceeded 20 million midia research: it is estimated that Apple Music users will reach 8 million in 2015 Apple: Apple Music users will reach 11 million in the three months after its release Apple Music: as of April 2018, Apple Music paid subscribers have exceeded 40 million verto: the total installation of Apple Music in Google play has exceeded 40 million times

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