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After the movie list and reading list, Douban has released the music list of 2020. Come to see if your favorite songs are selected. Douban created the list based on the scores, tags and access data of thousands of Douban users on music items in 2020. Omnipotent youth hotel’s “forest road in southwest Hebei” won the high score album of 2020. The album went online at 0:00 on December 22, and the sales volume exceeded 100000 within two hours of its launch, which was well received by the audience.

“My boo” by Yimu Qianxi won a high score single in 2020. My boo is the second single brought by Yimu Qianxi in 2020. It covers multiple elements of British electric sound, retro style and rap, which breaks away from the traditional music style.

In 2020, the most popular artists of Douban are: Jay Chou, owl city, Faye Wong, Stefanie Sun, Eason Chan, Mao Buyi, Pu Shu, Mayday, Taylor swift and new pants.

High score album 2020

1. “Forest road in southwest Hebei” omnipotent Youth Hotel

2. “3811” by Tan Weiwei

3[UNK] 《Future Nostalgia》 Two Lips

4、 《After Hours》 The Weeknd

5、 《‘The ReVe Festival’ Finale》 ????-Red Velvet

6. “Near human readable” inch iron

7. Back seat Theater: Jackson Yee

8、 《Rough And Rowdy Ways》 Bob Dylan

9、 《What’s Your Pleasure》Jessie Ware

10、 《Fetch the Bolt Cutters》Fiona Apple

High score EP / single in 2020

1. My boo: Jackson Yee

2. “Take care” Nicholas Tse – Wang Junkai – Xiao Jingteng

3. May day in Mayday blue 20th – Stefanie Sun

4. It’s just for love by Eason Chan

5. Wang Yuan, stop the clocks

6. The name engraved in my heart by Lu Guangzhong

7. The life journey – Wu Qingfeng

8. I am a fish sunset rollercoaster

9. Lu Han in π – volume, 4

10[UNK]《Physical》 Two Lips

The most popular album in 2020

1、 《folklore》 Taylor Swift

2. Jackson Yee: a thousand seals of “sense of temperature difference”

3、《Chromatica》 Lady Gaga

4. “Nobody knows” Tian Fuzhen

5. New world by Hua Chenyu

6. “Near human readable” inch iron

7. “Xiao Wang” Mao is not easy

8. “Rare” Selena Gomez

9. Book of leaves: one and one by Wu Qingfeng

10. “Out of place” Chen Linong

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