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The number of users of Brazil’s real-time payment system pix reached 110 million

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Nearly a year after the implementation of the state-owned real-time payment platform pix, even beggars have accepted this new payment method. According to the latest statistics, in the 11 months since the launch of the Central Bank of Brazil, the service has been rapidly popularized in Brazil. At present, more than 110 million Brazilians have used it at least once, and the transaction volume completed through the platform exceeds US $89 billion.

Pix is a real-time payment system created by the Central Bank of Brazil. Through pix, all wallets using QR code can be interoperable, which means that transfers and payments can be made from one e-wallet to another 24 / 7.

Roberto Campos Neto, President of the Central Bank of Brazil, said at an online press conference: “the payment method is undergoing great changes. Society needs fast, low-cost, safe, transparent and open products.”

The goal of the Brazilian Central Bank’s move is to introduce competition into a highly centralized banking system. At present, the top five banks in Brazil, including ITAU Unibanco and Banco Santander Brasil, hold about 80% of bank assets and deposits in Brazil.

Netto also revealed that the Brazilian Central Bank is negotiating with large technology companies such as Google and Facebook to develop the Brazilian payment market. “WhatsApp will soon realize point-to-point payment. I have a lot of communication with their CEO. He told me that through cooperation with us, the process is faster than in other countries. Our only concern is that we need to complete all audit standards to ensure that the system is conducive to promoting competition.”

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