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2021 Q1 Beijing salary report average new occupation 22717 yuan / month From Beijing Social Security Bureau

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A few days ago, the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau released the “2021 salary survey report of Beijing human resources market (first quarter)”. The report mainly focuses on the three themes of “hot jobs”, “skilled talents” and “free trade zone”, and analyzes the salary level from different dimensions such as industry, post type and post salary《 The report further highlights the guiding role of salary price information for the human resource market, guiding enterprises to reasonably determine the wage level of employees, reasonably guide the orderly flow of labor force, effectively promote the rational allocation of human resources, and improve the quality and efficiency of employment services.

80% of “high and new” hot jobs with monthly salary of more than 20000

According to the report, the “high and new” hot jobs in Beijing in the first quarter were mainly concentrated in high-tech, electronic semiconductor, biomedicine and other hot industries. In the first quarter report, the median monthly salary of nearly 80% of the posts exceeds 20000 yuan / month, and the highest median salary of blockchain engineering and technical personnel is 43360 yuan / month; On the whole, 71% of the “high and new” jobs are mainly distributed in the range of 20000-30000 yuan / month.

Among the 59 new occupations released by the state, 12 of them are “high and new” positions, including blockchain engineering and technical personnel, information security testers, cloud computing engineering and technical personnel, and birth defect prevention and control consultants. The median monthly salary is 22717 yuan. This is also the first time that the city has given market salary price guidance to new occupations after the release of new occupations. Taking the “blockchain engineering and technical personnel” in the new occupation as an example, its lower quartile value, median value and upper quartile value are 34732 yuan, 43360 yuan and 54312 yuan respectively.

According to the report, in the first quarter of this year, Beijing’s regular hot jobs were mainly technical, general staff and sales jobs. The median monthly salary is 9853 yuan. The median monthly average salary of technical category is 12896 yuan; The median monthly average salary of general staff is 9273 yuan; The median monthly salary of sales category is 10438 yuan. Technical posts accounted for the highest proportion, 34.7%.

The salary of skilled talents increased compared with the previous quarter

According to the report, in the first quarter of this year, the median salary of senior technicians, technicians, senior skilled, intermediate skilled and junior skilled talents in Beijing was 10948 yuan / month, 10008 yuan / month, 9897 yuan / month, 9449 yuan / month and 7005 yuan / month respectively. Compared with the previous quarter, the salary of skilled talents at all levels increased in varying degrees, with an average month on month increase of 2.3%.

According to the report, each quantile value of senior technician’s salary is ahead of other skill level talents, and the lower quartile value is more obvious. From the perspective of different industries, the median salary of skilled talents at all levels in Beijing’s financial industry in the first quarter was significantly higher than that in other industries. In the first quarter, the median values of senior technicians, technicians, senior skills, intermediate skills and primary skills were 30546 yuan, 27131 yuan, 24561 yuan, 20214 yuan and 15591 yuan respectively.

Salary level of nine key industries in “free trade zone” released

The report analyzes nine key industries in the planning of the free trade zone, namely, aviation services, health care, education services, financial services, scientific and technological innovation, business services, digital economy and digital trade, cultural and tourism services, and professional services; This paper analyzes the different dimensions of the lower quartile value, the median value and the upper quartile value of the salary of management posts, front-line staff, professional / technical personnel and skilled personnel, and publishes detailed relevant information《 The report also makes a detailed analysis of the overall level of key industries and groups planned for the “free trade zone”, which more systematically reflects the construction of the “free trade zone” and its attractiveness to talents, and is conducive to strengthening the salary price information and playing a guiding role in the healthy development of the “free trade zone”.

Noun explanation

Free Trade Zone: China (Beijing) pilot Free Trade Zone, referred to as “free trade zone”, is a pilot free trade zone approved by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. The scope of implementation is 119.68 square kilometers, covering three areas of scientific and technological innovation, international business services and high-end industries. On September 21, 2020, the State Council issued the notice of “overall plan of China (Beijing) pilot free trade zone”. On the morning of September 24, China (Beijing) pilot free trade zone was officially unveiled. On September 28, the high-end industrial area of China (Beijing) pilot free trade zone was officially listed.

“High and new” hot jobs: “high and new” hot jobs are selected after comprehensive evaluation based on the big data released by enterprise user positions in the first quarter, according to the characteristics of job demand, the degree of shortage, the number of recruitment and the emerging degree of positions, which can reflect the salary level of high-end and new jobs in various industries to a certain extent.

Quartile: the quartile, also known as the quartile, refers to the number of values arranged from small to large in statistics and divided into four equal parts, which are at three split points. The value in the middle of the cut-off point is called the “median value” (also known as the 50th percentile value), which usually represents the mainstream salary level in the market.

Source: Beijing Daily

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