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Bravely breaking the barriers of employment in the post epidemic Era From Textile and garment industry

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China is the world’s largest clothing manufacturer and consumer market. For a long time, the textile and garment industry has been a big earner of foreign exchange and employment in China. In 2020, the total retail sales of the textile and garment industry will reach 1.54 trillion yuan, the export scale will approach 300 billion US dollars, and the employment population will exceed 15 million. China’s clothing industry is also very competitive in the world, mainly in China has formed a very complete industrial chain. In the eastern coastal areas, a number of distinctive industrial clusters have been formed.

In recent years, with the increase of production costs, as well as the industry’s own adjustment and upgrading and other reasons, the growth of the textile and garment industry has slowed down, and the industry is facing the pressure of upgrading. On the production side, Chinese enterprises are facing the pressure of high cost of various production factors. On the export side, they are also facing the trade war and the competition of low-cost regions in Southeast Asia. Moreover, there is still a big gap compared with the international advanced level in product R & D and design with higher added value. The industrial gradient transfer and the development path of “product brand culture” are the future direction of the industry. At the sales end, the textile and garment enterprises are facing fierce competition, such as channel reform, diversification of consumer subjects, and upgrading of consumer demand.

Integration and upgrading is the only way for the development of textile and garment industry. On the production side, it is expected that textile and garment enterprises will continue to integrate in the future. The demand for skilled workers and highly skilled workers will increase, and the employment demand for central and western inland areas will increase. The expansion of the sales end is very important for the survival of enterprises. Brand enterprises will increase online and offline investment, and the demand for relevant talents will also increase. It is expected that the number of textile and clothing wholesale and retail enterprises and employees will continue to increase.

From the recruitment data, textile and garment production-oriented enterprises have the largest demand for sewing workers. Most of the job seekers are under senior high school, and their age is too old, and their wages do not rise significantly. Wholesale and retail enterprises have the largest demand for shopping guide jobs, which attract a large number of job seekers with college degree or above to deliver, and the salary also rises.

Current situation of textile and garment industry

Employment status of textile and garment industry

Recruitment status of textile and garment industry

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